Thursday, 13 December 2012

South Beach, DH, Winter Seascape #2

Gezicht op het Atlantic Hotel, Vanaf Zuiderstrand, DH,
oil on canvas, 30 x 90cm
painted on location - 12 Dec 2012,  (12-12-12)

Fantastic winter sky today at the Sea. So it was a real treat to get to paint this scene. However the temperature was very, very low. Although I was warmly dressed, my toes and fingers  were starting to get numb, by the time I decided to call it quits on this canvas. Was inspired by the combination of warm and cold greys that went up in covering most of the canvas. I purposely highlighted the Atlantic Hotel, Kijkduin, as have been invited to hang up an exhibition of my paintings, next Febuaury 2013, (will keep my followers posted on that opening). Below a close up of a couple and their pet dog, strolling along the beach. Some people have the nerve to call the figures on my seascapes, puppets! Upon a close look at this detail, you will see that they are not at all puppets, but rather expressive figures, communicating with gestural movements.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Panoramic Winter Seascape #1 -2012

Panoramisch Winters Zeegezicht #1
oil on canvas, 30 x 150cm
Sat. 8 Dec 2012 - (12.00 - 16.15hrs)
Zuiderstrand, DH

Maybe hard to believe with the weather we are now experiencing in Holland, but this was the situation on the beach just a few days ago! Calm, serene waves gently brushing the moist sands of the south beach in Den Haag. Cold as a whip however, and for this I had multi-layered clothing on, from head to foot! This picture is worth having a closer look at, so I recommend you double click on the image.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Panoramic Autumn Seascape, South Beach, DH

Panoramisch herfst Zeegezicht, Zuiderstrand,DH
oil on canvas, 20 X 140cm
painted on location - Zuiderstrand, Kijkduin - Wed 14 Nov 2012 SOLD

  The advantage I have by living in The Hague is that the Sea is always close by. Thus even though the weather forcast was for cloudy, hazy and cold conditions yesterday, something like what we are experiencing today, and has been with us for sometime now, I was able to hit the beach in the early afternoon and make this rest giving seascape. I was struggling over a decision; "do this seascape or go to a park and compose another Autumn Gold painting!" Well, I guess you know what the answer was to that!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Autumn Gold #1-2012

De schoonheidszin van de Herfst #1-2012
oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm
painted on location - Hemmensebos (Zetten), Sun 11 Nov 2012 SOLD

The dogs name is Amy, together with Wilma and Selena they are taking a brisk stroll in a small forest which is in these days a magnificent array of warm hues, really a feast for the eyes, together with sunlight, what a combination! I couldn't pass this moment by,..... luckily I had my gear with me and thus this work was created. Of course they didn't have to pose the whole 45 minutes that it took to make this painting. They came on at the end of their walk, when the painting was at its final stage.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Sea and nothing but The Sea

de Noord Zee en niks anders
oil on canvas
60 x 70 cm
painted on location - Wed 22 June 2011 and June/Oct 2012 SOLD

This is actually a repainting if a work I made last year at the Noordwijk Painters festival. I basically stayed with the original composition, however I removed a kite surfer, and I changed the coloration of the sea and sky.  Painted on location on two seperate occasions, and re worked slightly in my studio resently. s. 

Here is what the painting looked like originally.....

Friday, 26 October 2012

Scottish Highlanders grazing, Bergen Aan Zee

Schotse Hooglanders grazen, Bergen Aaan Zee
oil on canvas board, 30 x 122cm
12 x 18cm (each), painted on location - April 2012, 

Another very late entry, but an appropriate time, for the posting as I will be active in Bergen NH this weekend as a participant of the Kunst10Daagse. These lovely creatures were painted shortly after I made the sea scape of Bergen Aan Zee, (posted last week). Of course I had to work with great expediency, as they moved around frequently, often coming towards me to check out what I was up to!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Market Scene with Mother and Child

Gezicht op Markt met Moeder en Kind, Bergen,NH
oil on canvas, 70 x 90cm
painted on location, Oct. 2006 and  Sat 20 Oct 2012

€ 1900

Hello Dear Friends and followers of my postings. Here you have a rather intimate scene of what one can expect whilst strolling down a busy market in a picturesque village here in The Lowlands. This is the centre of Bergen, NH, a cosmopolitan village just west of Alkmaar, in the North of Holland.  If you noticed the dates this painting was started 6 years ago, and has been shelved in my studio as I was not content with the composition. Determined to complete it during the Kunst10Daagse, I took it with me and worked on it a few days ago. The mother and child in the foreground are actually my daughter, Selena and my girlfriend Wilma. They were so kind to pose for me, long enough so as I could complete this painting. The theme repeats itself, just to the left with again, a representation of a child with her Mother. You know they say a painting is worth a 1000 words, and for me this image proves just that. Something about the goodness in Life comes through. We are all going through troubling times, all one heres about these days is finacial crisis. In this painting Nature, Love, Kindness and Abundance are being celebrated. Fruits, vegetables, cheese and eggs a gift of Nature to sustain Life for us. The leafs are showing off there beauty before the trees that they dress are going in for a much deserved Winters rest. What is being communicated between the Mother and Child is not certain, but you can surely guess that it has something to do with  Love an Kindness.  So while the Media is blasting you with negativety, remember there are those of Us, (and we are many), that still take the time to show that Life is Good and Love rules above all!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sout Beach Cafe, 'De Fuut', DH

Strandpavilijon De Fuut, Zuiderstrand, DH,
oil on canvas, 40 x 60 cm
painted on location - Sept 2012SOLD

My favorite subject to paint on South Beach, here in The Hague. The play of light on this painting works will in defining he space and giving one a sense of volume re the subject being painted. This scene is already history for the remainder of this year and won't be back until April 2013! These cafes are seasonal and are broken down for the winter.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Windy beach scene, Bergen Aan Zee, NH

Strandgezicht, Bergen Aan Zee, met hooge wind,
oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm
painted on location, April 2012

Working on location with such conditions, one has to get the paint on the canvas as soon as possible, and not delay for even 1 minute, as rain and wind can do irreversable damage to the freshly applied paint on the surface of the linnen. I had just enough time to get this composition completed, capturing the light of a given moment. With the the racing clouds, the changes are swiift and it becomes a question of working from memory, even though I'm on location.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Opa picking Dahlia's, near Zundert

Opa aan het Dahlia's plucken te Zundert
oil on canvas board, 18 x 24cm (7 x 9.5inches)
Thurs 30 August 2012

Not really my Grandfather, just a title to a painting! Again, a work made sometime ago now, however better to post it rather than leaving it on the shelf, as they say! Was active in Zundert, at the end of August for a few days, making  paintings of the Dahlia flower fields with the pickers. They were getting the flowers ready to pin on the waggons  that would be shown on the parade of the famous Bloemencorso, held annually at the end of August.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

View of Schevenigen from Wassenaarseslag, Large

Gezicht op Schevenigen vanaf Wassenaarseslag, grote
oil on canvas, 60 x 130cm (let op!)
painted on location on 3 occasions, touched up in studio, 11 - 24 August 2012    SOLD

 Do you know anybody serving unfairly a life prison scentence.....maybe you want to purchase this work for him, thus, with a little imagination, that person can take leave of the thick walls and escape mentally onto this vast beach! That is what this painting offers to the onlooker,..... space, fresh salty sea breezes, and the warmth of the rising Sun! What more can one ask for, strolling happily along the North Sea coastline? 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Beautiful summers day, Slotermeer, Friesland

Mooie zomersdag, Slotermeer, (vanaf de waterkant in Balk)
oil on canvas, 60 x 90cm
Sun 9 Sept 2012 SOLD

I finally made it to Friesland to capture the beauty of one of Holland's favorite recreational areas. The activity on this lake carries on the whole year through. Spring, summer and fall with sailing/boating,  winter's with ice skating. This lake is part of the famous 11 city skating track,  over 200 kilometers race through 11 cities, which takes place, provided that the waters are well frozen over! For a complete photo presentation of the making of this painting please follow this link,

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Begonia's in full bloom #3 & #4


 Begonia's in volle bloei,
oil on canvas, 24 x 30 cm
painted on location in Apeldoorn  -  Sun 12 August 2012


This series of paintings, (four in total), was made at the art festival, Kunst in de Parken, in Apeldoorn, 10 - 12 August.You can see that the flowers were very ripe and already beginning to wether away. This made for very rich color combinations, and yet another reason why I choose to paint this sweet ensemble of this gift of Mother Nature's beauty, here in The Lowlands.  

Friday, 14 September 2012

Begonia's in full bloom #1 & #2

Begonia's in volle bloei,
oil on canvas, 24 x 30 cm
painted on location in Apeldoorn  -  Sat 11 August 2012

This series of paintings, (four in total), was made at the art festival, Kunst in de Parken, in Apeldoorn, 10 - 12 August. Not my usual subject matter, however these flowers were crying out for attention, and thus inspired me to set up and make these paintings. Rather than paint the whole garden display, I decided to zoom in, as I found the abstract value of the resulting composition more interesting.  

Monday, 10 September 2012

Coasting along the North Sea

Freewheelen langs de kust
oil on 5 wooden panels, 15 x 50cm
22 August 2012 SOLD 

Inspired by the 2 mast sailboat, by chance, passing by while I was set up working on a larger peice (next posting), at Wassenaarseslag, I decided to quickly make this smaller format panormic Seascape. Below is a close up where you can see the vessel splashing and being tossed about, by the waves. As it was rather close to the shoreline I managed to paint the flag and other details, usually not visible on the sailboats featured on most of my seascapes.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

View of Scheveningen from Wassenaarseslag

Gezicht op Scheveningen vanaf Wassenaarseslag
oil on canvas, 20 x 140 cm
Sun. 19 August 2012  SOLD

Still catching up with paintings made, almost 3 wks ago! This work was made on a very crowded beach, same afternoon as the previous posting. On the horizon you get a glimpse of the pier and skyline of Scheveningen. I like to use this format for these scenes. It gives one the impression of being on location, and with a little imagination, invites the viewer to step in and breath the salty vapours of the North Sea.
Below, a close up. Just a reminder, you can click on the images to get a proper look at them.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer fun on the Wassenaarseslag beach

Wassenaarseslag, zomers strandgezicht
oil on canvas
20 x 50cm
Sun 19 Aug 2012SOLD

Everyone is having a ball on the beach here in Wassenaar these past days. With a wave of hot sun rays showering down on The Lowlands, the beaches were crowded and busy! In the horizon, the Pier and modest skyline of Scheveningen. On the foreground, loads of kids splashing about the warm waters left behind from the receding tide.  

Monday, 27 August 2012

South Beach, panoramic view

 Gezicht op Zuiderstrand, DH
oil on canvas, 30 x 150cm
painted on location - Fri 17 Aug 2012 SOLD 

It was early in the morning, these are among the 1st arrivals, by the time I was packing up to leave, with this painting completed, there must have been about 400 persons on this stretch of beach! What is fun when I have so many people in my view , I can pick and chose, who I want on the composition. Have you noticed the mother bending over to care for her little toddler? I like to keep the space empty, as it gives emphases on the basic elements. In this case, the hazily clouded sky, the Sea and the beach with sand nuances. When you live in a crowded house, like we do here in The Lowlands, you have a greater appreciation for space, thus also a reason for this composition. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fun times at Southbeach, NL

Aan 't spelen, Zuiderstrand, DH 
oil on wooden door panel
27 x 82cm  -  11" x 32.5"      
Wed 15 Aug 2012 SOLD

It arrived a little late, but the summer is finally here to stay, in The Lowlands! Beach goers and holidaymakers can  feel at home once and for all. The Dutch and German tourists have never been so happy! Il pittore has been hitting the beach daily,  painting the situation at hand. Luckily I'm an early bird, as afternoons has been unbearably too hot to work.  As usual with this format, a close up to get an idea at the surface of the painting and a better look at the details.

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Day Out painting in Katwijk #2

At the Sea, study #1, 13 x 18cm, oil on canvas,
At the Sea, study #2, 18 x 13 cm, oil on canvas,
Children playing at Sea, study #3, 12 x 18cm, oil on canvas board,
Works made on location - Tues 3 July 2012

These were the other paintings made on that outing just over a month ago. As you may have  noticed, the sky had clouded over, right after these works were completed, thus the water colour shifted from blue/green/silver, to the greenish tints that you see on the previous posting. Shopping around for a unique birthday present, or a special gift for some other occasion? Maybe this is something for you! As you can see, il pittore, is sensitive to the present times and offers original paintings at affordable prices.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A day out painting in Katwijk

Children playing at Katwijk,
24 x 30 cm, oil on canvas,
painted on location,  Tues 3 July 2012 - SOLD

North Sea with seagulls,
30 x 24 cm, oil on canvas,
painted on location, Tues 3-7- 2012 -SOLD                                                

As you can see, still catching up with paintings made some time ago! Went to paint with other Plein air painters at this sea resort town here in The Lowlands. Came back with five small format oils, here you have the first two. The sky was quite cloudy, giving the water this soft emerald green colour, which inspired me to make a painting of nothing else but the Sea, as is evident in the bottom piece.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Art Saleswoman in Dordrecht

De Kunstverkopster te Place D'Ary, Dordrecht,
oil on canvas
24 x 30 cm  -   (9.5" x  12")
painted on location - Sun 5 Aug 2012

Her name is Wilma and she can sell my paintings far better than I can! We were invited to take part in the Place D'Ary, art manifestation on the GrootHoofd square in Dordrecht. The weather was ideal for such an event, and really, is the reason why this scene was worth painting!  Talking about the play of sunlight. Lighting up the facades of the buildings, and the square.  Making its way onto bouncing off the multitude of people hinted at on the terras, and of course, most importantly, on the subject of this very work, the seller of the paintings.


Monday, 6 August 2012

View of The North Sea with surfers

Gezicht op de NoordZee met surfers
oil on canvas, 60 x 80cm
painted on location   -    Sun 01 July 2012

Painted more than 1 month ago, finally starting to catch up with posting of recently made works! A sunny yet very windy morning on the beach. Ideal conditions for learning how to surf, as one of these two persons featured on the extreme left of the canvas was doing. Interesting cloud formations sweeping by, and a sharp clear atmosphere characterises this homage to our at times formidable, North Sea.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Oh Canada.......Up North

 Gezicht op mijn landgoed/Canada,
  oil on cedar wood, 13 x 71cm  -  (5" x 28")
  painted on location - Friday 20th July 2012

€ 525

Just back from a three week vacation, visiting family and friends, with my daughter Selena and Wilma. This is the not so little piece (100 acres) of Canada I own together with my brother Mike Valentini. The cabin was  built by Irish pioneers back in the mid  1800's. Of course additions/reparations  have been made over the years, but it certainly still retains it's original charm, as is evident in this painting and the picture below. This is the only work I made on the trip, as most of the time I was being a family man, and doing fun things! Travelling light, I only brought a hand full of art material with me. As luck would have it, I found this neat piece of scrap cedar behind that garage on the left, already treated for outdoor exposure,  I could apply the water based oil paints directly on it (see picture below of work in progress). Remember click on the image to get a proper view.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Racing Clouds/Crashing Waves Series, Noordwijk

Racing Clouds/Clashing Waves #1
oil/sand on canvas, 24 x 30cm
painted on location - Fri 22 June 2012

Not much action on the beach besides us hard core plein air painters, and kite surfers!

Racing Clouds/Crashing Waves #2
oil/sand on canvas, 25 x 35 cm
painted on location - Fri 22 June 2012

Sky taking on a rather imposing cloud formation, rain was just around the bend!


Racing Clouds/Crashing Waves #5
oil/sand on canvas, 35 x 25 cm
painted on location - Fri 22 June 2012


This one was actually swallowed up by a crashing wave, pulled it just in time, and myself(up to my thighs) and some of my gear, totally drenched!

 Racing Clouds/Crashing Waves #4
oil/sand on canvas, 35 x 25 cm
painted on location _ Fri 22 June 2012

SOLD,   private collection, Den Haag

This work features a burst of rain cushing down from that dark grey cloud. Within a few minutes that water was pouring over me, took the painting and myself under the protection of my Yellow Parasol! A windsurf kite in the distance, and another surfer closer to me, thinking it over, or at least getting a feel for the force of the waves!

Racing Clouds/Crashing Waves #3
oil/sand on canvas, 35 x 25 cm
painted on location - Fri 22 June 2012

SOLD  private collection - Noordwijk

Funky sky on this one! Was about to correct color, but thought, although unreal,..... it made for an interesting image. All these works and the 50 x 100 cm of my last posting all painted behind that yellow parasol (picture below)

me working on #5, in about 45 minutes the water has reached my position....the end of that parasol was near. (painter behind me is Hans Versfelt, Roos Schuring was set up next to him, but she was busy taking this picture!)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Windy Summer beach scene, Noordwijk

Strand gezicht met hoge wind, Noordwijk Aan Zee
oil on canvas
50 x 100 cm
painted on location (see picture above)  -  Fri 22 june 2012

The 1st of six paintings made on this very sunny yet extremely windy day at the Noordwijk painters festival. This was the start of the 5th day, I had already produced 17 paintings at this point, since the start of the festival on Monday evening 18th June. The next two postings, I´ll show the other works made this day. Rather intense circumstances to work under, with the wind force reaching almose 8.5! My popular yellow parasol, faithfully held together for more than 7hrs, until the sea finally gulfed it up at 18.45hrs. The waves coming up much high than expected, the pressure of the water ripped through the fabric with the slightest of effort.  Under such conditions, one must work efficiently and with the upmost attention at getting the paint on the canvas as quickely as possible. Resulting in fresh vibrant, rendering of the scene at hand.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Large Beach Scene, Noordwijk

 Strand gezicht, Noordwijk Aan Zee,
 oil on canvas, 50 X 100cm,
 painted on location  -  Tues 19.6. 2012

no longer exists, painted over!

One of the early paintings made on the Noordwijkschilderfestival, think it was the 3rd of 24 paintings made in 5 days. The weather was still rather pleasant. However on close observation, you can see evidence of a shifting weather pattern. Look at the stiffness of those 5 flags on the right. The clouds are actually moving rather quickley inland, this is shown by the upward movement of the clouds. The wind was picking up, and was bound to stay with us for the rest of the week!

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Hobby Tiger, (Catamaran) x 2, South Beach

De  Hobby Tiger, HKZV, Zuiderstrand, DH #1
oil on canvas
18 x 13 cm ,
painted on location  -  Thurs  7 June 2012

De Hobby Tiger, HKZV, Zuiderstrand, DH #2
oil on canvas,
13 x 18 cm,
painted on location - Thurs 7 June 2012 SOLD

I had  my painting gear ready to go finish the Minerva ship painting, (my previous posting), however it was still too early to sit up, so I headed to one of my favourite locations. Was debating whether to make a horizontal or vertical shape canvas, so I resolved that decision by making both, on a small scale, with the idea, that I might make a larger version, after seeing the results. In the horizon one can see smoke coming from an enormous chimney, a part of the oil refineries, at the entrance to the Rotterdam Harbour. Your feedback would be appreciated, re format, horizontal or vertical?

Friday, 8 June 2012

The 3 mast gaff schooner, 'Minerva'

't 3 mast gaffelschoener 'De Minerva', Scheveningen
oil on linnen, 30 x 60 cm
Tues 5 & Thurs 7 July 2012    

Built in Germany in 1935, this 49 meter work of true craftsmanship is proudly on display at the Inner Harbour Scheveningen, here in The Lowlands.  I have been contemplating painting this lovely three mast schooner ever since my eyes first made contact with it some years ago. As tomorrow is Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) here in Scheveningen, a festival to celebrate the new season of the harring fish, I finally set up my gear, and made this painting.  I will be showing this and a fine selection of about 15 sea scapes at an art market on a stall approximately 20 meters from were I made this painting!  Come and say hello if you  happen to be in the area.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sky and Seascape studies, Noordwijk Aan Zee

Cloudy sky with seagulls,
oil on 3 wood panels,
15 x 30 cm
painted on location - Fri 18 may 2012      SOLD

Beach scene with Noordwijk Sailing Clubhouse
oil on 3 wood panels,
15 x 30 cm
painted on location - Fri 18 May 2012    SOLD

Made on the 1st morning that I woke up in the hotel De Baak, on the boulevard in Noordwijk, while I was guest artist at the Opera Aan Zee 2012 event, these two small format oils give one a fairly good representation of  typical cloudy Dutch skies. Low horizon line, bringing the viewer right up close to the scene painted. (Top work sold, bottom work still available)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sea Mist, Noordwijk Aan Zee

     Father and Son with pet 'Jackie', oil on canvas, 24 x 30cm, painted on location, Monday 28 May 2012,  

Family outing on a misty beach, oil on canvas, 25 x 35cm, painted on location, Monday 28 May 2012,

Here you have 2 scenes of the very same beach from my last posting, what a difference! As Constable once said the sky governs everything, when it comes to painting plein air. The atmospheric conditions were such that visibility was 'nada'. There was so much moisture in the air that my sight glasses kept getting damp to the point were i couldn't see through them! I was all set up and decided to paint the scene at hand, regardless. Must admit, wish this would happen more often, as a delicate mood is created, making very fine subject matter to paint.

detail of  Father and Son with 'Jackie'

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Let the good times roll, Noordwijk Aan Zee!

Strandgezicht Noordwijk Aan Zee
oil on canvas, 20 x 50 cm
painted on location - Sat 26 May 2012    SOLD

Summer is in the air, and you know what, it came and went, in the period of 48 hrs! Will I'm almost positive we will get it back again, before September rolls around. Spent last holiday weekend again at Noordwijk Aan Zee, were I was guest painter at the Opera Aan Zee 2012. Here you have 1 of 4 seascapes made in that period. Also knocked off 7 opera scene paintings! Thus while for most of you a holiday weekend, not for il pittore. However I did chill out between painting.

                                               family shot taken by the photographer Johan Westra