Monday, 30 August 2010

The lonewolf Catamaran, South Beach, The Hague

Catamaran, die zijn eigen weg gaat, Zuiderstrand, DH
oil on canvas
50 x 60 cm
painted on location - Tuesday 24 August 2010  SOLD

Oh, don't I feel this way, most of the time. Accept for my lovely daughter and my deceased mother, no woman to speak about in my life. As an artist, one must endure the fate of the lonewolf. Away from the pack, facing the pearls and pleasures of Nature by oneself. Yes dear art lovers, the artist life is not always a jeux de vivere affair, in fact it is quite the opposite. I usually am painting on my own, usually am in the studio on my own, at the computer on my own, the fate of 21st century artist I suppose. Andy Wahrol had a solution, he invented the concept of transforming the studio into a factory, with several assistants.

Anyway, enough of that, let me share some quotes that I feel give some insights into this painting.

"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible." (Oscar Wilde)

"I am inspired when the elements and forces of nature combine to form strange and transcendental appearances.....sometimes subtle sometimes dynamic, they act as portals to a mystical realm." (Diana Lehr)

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in fain."
( Carl Jung)

There was something about the sky that I could not give words to, until I read that quote from Oscar Wilde.
Same goes for the second quote, although I would like to add that I was definitely inspired by the dynamic forces of nature at play in this scene.
I love the third quote. As a painter I have learned to trust were/what my hands will do whilst at the easel. Seems they have an intelligence of there own!

Thank you to whomever owns this catamaran for leaving it marooned on the beach like that. Thank you to Leo, the owner of strandpavilijon De Fute, for providing me shelter in order to make this painting. And lastly, thank you to all of you who take the time out to enjoy and read these Wet Paintings from The Lowlands postings.

Friday, 27 August 2010

A tranquil moment by the Sea

Een doorluchtig moment op strand
oil on canvas
30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Sunday 8 August 2010   -    SOLD

Painted nearly 3 weeks ago, don't I wish the situation was like this right now. Oh well, can't have everything I supppose. One of the reasons why plein-air paintings are appreciated so much, is that in fact, they do capture and when successful, sustain that moment in time, forever. Will, let me be more accurate, for as long as that painting lasts. It is the responsibility of the artist to insure longevity, and you can rest assured that il pittore, attends to this. With a brisk wind, I had my parasol laying flat on the beach, thus keeping this canvas from taking flight. Thousands of very fine particals of sand made the surface of this painting their place of residence. I'm not at all disturbed by this, in fact find it fits in with the theme.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mother and child greeting the North Sea

Moeder en kind begroeten het Noord Zee
oil on canvas
30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Wed 11 August 2010 -  SOLD

Forces of Mother Nature can at times feel overwhelming, leaving the observer with a non-hospitable welcome. In this case the wind rustles softly through the hair of a mother and her child. It is a warm vigorous wind, filling ones lungs with goodness and life. In the secure grip of her Mothers hand, the child finds confidence and strenght in facing what could be a perlious situation to such a tender aged bundle of joy. Summer is coming to a close, the Earth is distancing herself from the Sun. The warm rays of that life supporting Astral star still shine, but the touch of them on ones bare skin is lessening. This scene needed something to calm it down. The Creative Intelligence abounding everywhere, (and I mean everywhere), quickly responded and gifted il pittore with a most delicate and colorfull reply. Interesting to note, according to Goethe and other esteemed Germans, such as Franz Marc, yellow is emotionally symbloic of serenity!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sunday in the Park, Apeldoorn

Zondag en 't Park Marialust, Apeldoorn
oil on canvas,30 x 90 cm
painted on location - Sunday 15 August 2010

The chamber ensemble, Dudok Kwartet, plays to a delighted audience. In the background an elegant 19th century villa, embraced by an array of splendid naturel beauty. A man selling ice cream, tasty sandwiches being prepaired by the cooks assistant, as you can see he was more interested in listening to the music,(check him out, he is propped against the left front pole of the small tent). This scene was hard to pass up for il pittore, who was taking part in a local painters festival, which took place here in the fertile Marialust Park, in Apeldoorn. I was told there would be a preformance of classical music, coming from the large party tent, thus, one and a half hours before the concert started, I began working on this painting. The pre-work paid off, as when the crowds gathered, it became a matter of working them into the already painted-in composition. This technique is commonly referred to as wet-on-wet, fresh paint applied to non dry paint. Yes folks, I don't call my blog, 'Wet Paintings from The Lowlands' for nothing.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Path in the dunes, Summer Splendor

Pad naar de Noord Zee, Westduinpark, DH, Zomers Schoonheid
oil on canvas
60 x 90 cm (nice size, not too big and not small)
painted on location - Thursday 29 July 2010

Painted over, no longer exists.

Welcome back to all you that were on vacation. As you can see, provided the right conditions, you have all the wonders of Natures' beauty, right at your doorstep (that is provided you live in The Lowlands!). So next year, get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes, or a decent touring bicycle (feits in Dutch), and enjoy what beauty that can befall your eyes, right here in Holland. Of course the food is not as good and affordable as you could find in Italy or France. However, when your camping, or staying at a bungalow park, along the North Sea coast, with a bit of creativity and the right ingredients, you can easily cook up a tasty pasta dish. Back to the painting, bright sunny day with scrumptious fluffy clouds, casting shadows, creating the right contrasts, in order for you the viewer to easily digest this colorfull visual display, on a splendid summers day.

Just for your interest, the same scene painted this yaer in the winter

Monday, 2 August 2010

Sailing the North Sea

Bij de wind zeilen, Noord Zee
oil on canvas
30 x 60 cm
painted on location - Saturday 24 July 2010


Here I am, back in the Lowlands, visiting what now has become my painters paradise, here on planet Earth. And why shouldn't it be? Racing clouds, shipshafting before my very eyes, forming unimaginable shapes. Hues on the sea, dancing around like some drunken old time hip hop babe. Sailboats parading up and down the coast, as if walking the catwalk in the extravagent Paris Hilton. Yes folks, if your not a seasoned outdoor painter, don't even think about setting up on this neck of the woods. The visuals will tear you inside out. Me, I just love it. The faster things change before my eyes, the easier it is to paint. Actually what drives me up the wall is static objects. Take buildings for example, e-e-each! What nothing changes, .... Christ were do I begin? Thank God for the shifting light conditions, that is, if the Sun is shinning. Well, I might have gone overboard on this description! Oh well, just take in a deep breath, have a look, and inhale those salty fragrances from these fridged waters, and feel that granduer and sublimity?