Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A beautiful moment, Noordwijk aan Zee, Holland

oil on canvas,
30 x 90 cm - ( 12 x 35.5 inches )
painted; on location, Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Private collection, Holland

This painting was included in yesterdays mail out, however I felt to share it with my audience in a more appropriate way. You can now see the details a lot clearer, especially the couple engaged in a tender loving embrace, hence the reason for the title. I am very happy with the perspective and ample space this canvas captures. This work was sold shortly after being exhibited, in a temporary space constructed for the painters festival in Noordwijk, located right next to that white lighthouse on the right hand side of painting.

Today I started yet another ; Catamaran Club House, Den Haag, painting which I will finish tomorrow, as I was forced to pack up my gear due to unfavorable high winds.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Dear reader,

I have been very busy... Made a painting Sat. 16 juni at Antwerp Cricket Club, then Sun 17 on a wine tasting fair in front of Kaurhuis Schiveningen (see photo), invited by the owner of La Galleria. Tomorrow starts Noordwijk schilderfestival (June 18-24, 2007), I expect not to be posting perhaps for a short while.

Best regards,

Alberto Il Pittore.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Jogging through the dunes, Westduinpark, The Hague, Holland

oil on canvas
35 x 45 cm ( 14 x 18 inches)
painted on location, Tues. 13/6/2007, late morning


Today's painting is a second attempt at a dune scene which I already painted back in April. That painting was called Cycling through the dunes.We are not having the greatest weather conditions, but then again, this is Holland, renowned for its clouds and rain. I particularly like the flow of the path and the twist in the jogger's body as she takes the curve. Wild roses and all sorts of flowers are in full bloom. They not only look pretty, they also emit sensual fragrances. The now famous Catamaran clubhouse is just on the other side of the dunes, you can see a few masts sticking up on the right hand side of the scene. Your comments are appreciated.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Catamaran Clubhouse # 7, Kijkduin, Holland

oil on canvas
30 x 90 cm, ( 12 x 35.5 cm )
painted on location, thursday 7 june 2007 in the afternoon


I present to you the seventh catamaran clubhouse painting. Done on a rather long format size canvas, this usually works will when painting a beach scene. As is evident, there is not much activity at the clubhouse. It was quite a misty day, thus the visibility was limited. Not a problem as it provided for a different flavor, in this series of paintings. Not to many people on the beach, however this young family were kind enough to place themselves not too far from were I was set up and made for a good addition to the composition. I like the feeling that this art work transmits.

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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Il Pittore ArtMiles List / Lijst

This is how it works, you send me an email address of some one who would like to be on my mailing list. Thus you have to ask your contact if they wish to be on my list, Wet Paintings from The Lowlands.

For every address you give me you get an, ilpittore ArtMile. Accumulate your ArtMiles and when you purchase a painting from me you get a discount equivalent to the number of miles you have. For example, if you have 15 ArtMiles and you buy a painting for 100 euros, then you get that art work for 85 euros.

Maximum value of this offer is 300 euros. That means if you have 100 ArtMiles and purchase a painting for under 300 euros, you get it absolutely free. A painting more than 300 euros, then you pay the difference, example; cost is 425 euros, you pay only 125 euros.

Het werkt als volgt: U vraagt aan uw kennissen of ze op mijn mailinglijst “Wet Paintings from The Lowlands” willen staan. En dan stuurt u aan mij hun emailadres op en ik zet ze op de lijst.

Voor elk emailadres dat ik van u ontvang geef ik u een il pittore ArtMile.

Spaar deze ArtMiles op en wanneer u een schilderij van mij koopt dan ontvangt u een korting die afhankelijk is van het aantal ArtMiles dat u hebt. Dus als u 15 artmiles hebt gespaard, en u koopt een schilderij van €100, dan betaalt u daar slechts €85 voor.

De maximale tegenwaarde van de ArtMiles is 300 euro. Dus als u 100 ArtMiles gespaard hebt dan krijgt u een schilderij tot en met 300 voor niets, en voor een schilderij van €425 euro betaalt u slechts €125

List of persons saving for a painting
  • Jan en Henriette - 15 ArtMiles
  • Jane Walker - 10
  • MJ Rivard - 5
  • Engeltje - 2
  • Joline Koch - 1
  • Sophie - 1
  • John DiNovo - 1
  • Laurie Henderson - 1
  • Wednesday, 6 June 2007

    View of the North Sea from on high, Westduinpark, Holland

    oil on canvas
    70 x 100 cm - ( 27.5 x 39.5 in.)
    painted on location, wed 6 june 2007


    Here you have today's effort, and what an effort it was, let me tell you! Set up on a high point in the dunes near Kijkduin, with the wind coming off the sea, made for a precarious condition, even for a seasoned plein-air painter. What made it even more challenging was that I decided to paint on a rather large canvas. The surface of the canvas would not keep still even for a second and was constantly flapping about. Notwithstanding these uncomfortable conditions, I feel I put together a decent sequence of colours, mixing the paints with great care to try to render the exact colours of the scene in front of me. This painting will soon have to undergo some fine tuning in the studio, as I work strictly from memory; the horizon line, for example could be straightened out, plus one or two other minor details. Please let me know what you think.

    Saturday, 2 June 2007

    Catamaran Clubhouse # 6, Kijkduin Beach, Holland

    oil on canvas,
    40 x 70 cm (16 x 27.5 in.)


    Here you have today's wet painting, I said I was going to make 12 works of this subject, am one step closer to that number. A very beautiful day in Holland today, it was great to be on the beach making this work. I started this canvas quite early, 8.30 am, so I wanted to retain that early morning feel of the work, by the time I finished it was almost 12 pm, there was a lot more activity, but I kept it to a minimum. I however did record one interesting detail, if you look closely, just in front of the clubhouse, is a tilted catamaran, you should be able to make out the mast going into the sand. I guess they were about to give it some sort of maintenance job. I also painted in two dogs, one is quite obvious, the other, let me know if you find it, I promise to give you an il pittoreARTMILE.