Friday, 30 July 2021

Family outing at the beach


Familie-uitje op het strand
oil on canvas - 50 x 150 cm
painted on location - Wed 21 July 2021

€ 1250

Another fantastic day at the beach! Early afternoon and the crowds are still at bay, It's the middle of the week, thus won't really get that busy, but still by the time I put the signature on this baby, there were many more people than depicted on the painting. When one looks closely he will see that much is going on in this scene. Personally I like the father holding a bottle of water and the child runn8ng towards it. 

Saturday morning at the beach


Zaterdag ochtend op het strand
oil on canvas - 30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Saturday 17 July 2021

€ 975

The fun and excitement is about to begin for many young kids and their families. Fun for everyone, even the pet dog has a blast. Water is a little choppy, so the parents are keeping a close eye on them. Parasols are being used to block the wind rather than the Sun. Plenty of space at this beach, because the average Dutch person thinks the beach of The Hague is Scheveningen and not this more natural beach. It's a well keep secert and we citizens of The Hague like it that way!  

Monday, 26 July 2021

Children with parents, North Beach, Scheveningen

Ouders met Kinderen, Noorderstrand, Scheveningen
oil on canvas - 50 x 175 cm
painted on location and in the studio - June/July 2021

Commission / Opdracht

I was very happy to get this commission as I love getting out to the beach and working on this subject. Always a challenge to paint on such a large format on location at the beach, however it was possible and what was not possible I made up for it in the studio. Paying customer was happy, person getting the painting as a special gift was happy, and I was happy. What more can a working artist ask for?


Saturday, 24 July 2021

Scheveningen Beach and Boulevard summer 2021

Scheveningen Strand / Boulevard zomer 2021,
Oil on linen - 30 x 200 cm
painted on location - 10 occasions 30 May t/m 10 June 2021 

€ 2750, 

Here you have the latest painting of this subject which i have been tackling for years now. Believe me it is a struggle to get in all those details, on such a massive size canvas and especially that I make it on location! Thus the elements of the outdoors are either for me or against me. Usually I choose to be on location when they are working for me, (I have no choice really). I'm standing on a wide open space, a pier made of huge cement elements topped with a road wide enough, for emergency vehicles to travel on.   
I enjoyed every minute of the making of this painting. Meeting all kinds of friendly nice people, who made several enquiries as to the technique and equipment I use.  I was getting a lot of compliments, thus I knew then that I was on to something good.  For your viewing pleasure 3 close ups.

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Baby, the fog must lift...

Schat, de mist moet optrekken,
oil on canvas - 30 x 120 cm
painted on location - Thurs 10 June 2021

€ 945

On one of my latest painting excursions to South beach, The Hague, wasn't much happening, just usual  sunlight, was contemplating packing up, but something, a feeling said to me, just wait. Close your eyes meditate a bit and wait. Well that voice served me well! In came this thick fog, rolling up from the sea and totally filled the atmosphere with mystery  and intrigue. Now that was worth painting. Quickly as possible set my gear up and within minutes was laying the paint on to create this scene. I imagine the sailors ready to sail out in their cats, possibly one of them was on his mobile talking to his wife, saying "Schat, de mist moet eerst optrekken".. 

Friday, 4 June 2021

Schevening Beach Scene & Zuiderstrand beach scene


Noorderstrand, Schevening 
oil on canvas - 30 x 120 cm
painted on location - Sat 29 May 2021

€ 825

Here a typical view of Schevening from just past the ZwartePad beach entrance.  An area frequented by nudist sun bathers, as this is far away from the huge crowds in Schevening.

Cats ready, Zuiderstrand DH,
oil on board - 16 x 24 cm
painted on location - Sun 30 May 2021

€ 195

Just a quick oil study of a typical scene on Zuiderstrand, The beach of The Hague. On the horizon you can see elements of Schevening beach.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Four strong winds

Four strong winds
oil on canvas - 40 x 120 cm
painted on location - wed. May 26 2021

€ 925

Four strong winds, it's the title of a famous Canadian song written by Ian and Sylvia Tyson, probably made famous by the cover of Neil Young. I guess due to the circumstances present while I made this work I had to think of that tune. Anyway thanks to the help of my by now famous, 3M parasol it was possible to knock of this painting. Love these typical Dutch skies, which usher in the renowned Dutch Light. 


Friday, 21 May 2021

The Pond in the Dunes #1 & #4 - repainted


De Duinplas, Westduinpark DH #1 
 (opnieuw geschilderd)
oil on canvas - 50 x 70 cm
painted on location  - 21 April 2021

€ 825

Here I have revisited a location were 2 years ago I made a series of this pond, located in our dunes here in The Hague. This was the 1st in this series. The Scottish Highlanders, the woodpecker and the swallow were added, giving more life to the scene.  If you look here below at the original painting, you will notice the changes made. 


De Duinplas, Westduinpark DH #4 
 (opnieuw geschilderd)
oil on canvas - 50 x 70 cm
painted on location  - 21 April 2021

€ 1550

Also this painting has been reworked recently. For the 3rd time I might add. I'm pretty sure this will be the final version.  As you can see from the previous 2 versions quite a few changes have been made. Namely the addition of the cows and our the 3 feathered friends.  It has become much greener and the tree trunks have been softened in a few cases removed entirely. Have a look for yourself.

                                                      2nd version, painted March 2020

                                                     1st version, painted Feb 2019 

The Homecoming


De Tuiskomst
oil o canvas - 20 x 30 cm
painted on location - Tues 11 May 2021

€ 235

Nothing like entering the safety of a harbor after you sail your vessel through a stormy Sea. Here I have tried to convey this feeling by showing the storm clearing up. Vessel is leaving the dark sea behind and entering onto the still vibrant colored Sea. 

Friday, 23 April 2021

Sailing the North Sea


Zeilen op de Noordzee,
oil on canvas - 30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Sun 18 April 2021


For a sailor, when sailing, all that matters is the sea and the sky, the land doesn't concern him. Thus I dedicated this painting to only the sea and the sky. Enough going on in that sky to keep any painter busy for hours, at least. An ideal day to be sailing, plenty of wind and plenty of Sun. If you look closely you will see many variations of green on the water, the sun light determines what color the water will be, clouds of course have an influence as well.  

Winter fun, Schevening beach with airplane

 Winterpret, strand Scheveningen met vliegtuig,
oil on canvas - 30 x 150 cm
painted on location - 29 Jan 2021, reworked in atelier 17 April 2021


Here I am reposting a painting I made on location at the end of January.  The reason is that that Dornier Do-228-212, flown by The Netherlands Coast Guard, was added.  As I mentioned prior,  I'm not too often on this beach, mainly to avoid the large crowds, however winter season is never really that busy, thus quite manageable.  Further developing this new theme of kite surfers I had more than enough models to work from. The sky was dramatic, the wind was strong and the waves were rolling endlessly with a loud roar!  Here below a close up of the airplane. 

Longing for The Warm Summer

oil on canvas - 50 x 150 cm
Painted on location - 01 April 2021 (finished in atelier 14 April 2021)


It is early on a lovely sunny day, I found myself at my beloved location,  and decided to capture again as I have already on many occasions, this picturesque view of our beach in The Hague. You don't see it on the painting but it is still quite cold and together with the wind it feels still rather chilly, thus the title, longing for the warm summer.  to bring across that feeling of warmth, I placed three young ladies running to dip and refresh themselves in the cool water of The North Sea.


Saturday, 13 March 2021

Entrance to beach cafe Kaap Noord, Texel

Ingang naar strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord, 
of Paal 33, Texel 
oil on canvas - 60 x 90 cm
painted on location - Sunday 7 March 2021

€ 825

Finding myself last weekend on the island Texel in the North of Holland, I was inspired to make this painting. Very cold but lots of sunlight and will it took sometime but finally found this quaint scene to put on the canvas.  Something about the tonal quality of this scene actually did the trick that got my creative juices flowing. As the sky for me was pretty well overcast, the sandy colors dominate and my palette stayed limited to earthy tones. Also was lucky to have the sunlight behind me lighting up the whole foreground  and once in a while right up to the horizon line. 


Children playground at beach cafe Zuid


Kinderspeelplaats bij strandpaviljoen Zuid,
oil on canvas - 15 x 30 cm
painted on location -  Tues. 2 March 2021

€ 235

Still winter here in The Lowlands, but was happy to make this very summery scene, thanks to the intensive sunlight we had on this day. Open only for take out as they are still preparing to open for the new season, this beach cafe is a favorite for the little ones. There ware also other play stations, however I didn't want to crowd the scene too much.

South Beach, The Hague #4 & #5


Children on the beach playing with pet dog 
oil on canvas - 18 x 24 cm
painted on location - Sat 27 Feb 2021


One of the most popular places for children to be, on the beach! And of course the family pet dog loves to be their with them. The sky was clearing, however I loved the tones on the dunes and sand this overcast sky made, thus that was the theme I brought over. To give the viewer a focus point, the playful  scene was added.

Windy and sunny winter beach scene
oil on board - 30 x 40 cm
painted on location - Sat 27 Feb 2021

€ 475 

This painting was made right after I finished the above piece. As you see the sky opened up and light flooded in, creating a whole different scenario. You might also notice the high tide, resulting in a narrower beach. Added in the 3 seagulls that where dancing to the melody of the southwest wind. 

South Beach, The Hague #3 - 2021

 Zuiderstrand, Den Haag #3 - 2021
oil on canvas - 40 x 120 cm
painted on location - Thurs. 25 Feb 2021


Early morning view of this beautiful piece of Holland. Winter skies are dramatic and always a challenge to paint. As usual, with these wide panoramic views I purposefully don't paint in too many people. The few that I do add are usually far off, which helps me bring over a since of depth.  One of the reasons that I like to make these paintings is to offer to the eventual owner of these paintings a sense of space and openness. In a small country as Netherlands this can be, and usually is,  much appreciated.  

Friday, 26 February 2021

Entrance to beach #10, Westduinpark

Strandslag 10, Westduinpark, DH
oil on canvas - 30 x 120 cm
painted on location - Sat 20 Feb 2021

€ 825.

Back at a subject I was painting when I first got started with this project, and that is beach entrances, This time I'm going to be working on larger horizontal formats. Duin grass is still very dry, officially we are still in winter season even though it felt like a spring day. Enjoyed making this rather hazy atmospheric scene with characteristic subdued colors. 


Saturday, 13 February 2021

Fun on the Snow # 4


Plezier in de sneeuw # 4
oil on canvas - 50 x 60 cm 
painted on location - Thursday 11 Feb 2021

This one might as will be titled fun on the ice, but that's okay. I actually headed out to make another painting with kids tobogganing, but saw this scene and thought, this will be today's painting, and so I sit up and went to work. I like it that many of the kids just come up to me and ask the most sweet innocent questions, like, what are you painting Mr. artist?  Or they are looking and trying to find themselves on the painting.   Anyway, the light was fantastic  and I myself was in the shade, which makes it possible for me to select the proper color range. 


Fun on the Snow # 3


Plezier in de sneeuw # 3
oil on canvas - 50 x 60 cm
painted on location - Wednesday 10 Feb. 2021

Who say's Nederland is flat? Why just have a look at this series, okay they are not mountains, but we got our share of hills, you must admit. And where there is a snow covered hill you can be assured you will have a crowd of kids enjoying themselves.  Just want to point out that these works are made on location, swiftly and as skillfully as I can manage. Thus the style or application of paint shows this in an innocent and truthful manner. I choose purposefully to not give too much attention to the tree line, on the top of the hill, rather focusing on the action on  the slope. Kids falling and sliding down, but that's fun,  the laughter was loud and clear!  Of course that kind of action is not for everyone, so hey why not build a snowman!

Fun on the Snow # 2


Plezier in de sneeuw # 2
oil on canvas - 50 x 60 cm
painted on location - Tuesday 9 Feb. 2021
€ 625

Back in The Hague, the weatherman was gifting us all with freezing temperatures. You might ask, a gift what the hell is he talking about? well here in The Lowlands, believe it or not, snow is always welcome! you see we get so little of it, sometimes it takes a few years before it comes back.... Thus,  more fun in the snow for everyone, but especially for the little ones! Snowboarding, tobogganing, slipping and sliding, whatever it takes to get you down the slope! I enjoyed very much capturing the sense of movement these children were displaying.

Fun on the Snow # 1

Plezier in de sneeuw # 1
oil on canvas - 50 x 60 cm
painted on location - Sunday 7 Feb 2021
€ 625

Yes indeed fun on the snow, for many, many kids in these days here in The Lowlands! I was visiting with my partner Wilma in Gelderland, close to the German boarder. Man did we get a dumping of that fluffy white stuff. Of course I was definitely prepared to tackle the situation, as the weatherman was getting us all excited about the coming winter storm. And what a storm it was! Cold, B-r-r-r-r-rrrr. he's a picture to proof it.

Friday, 12 February 2021

Girl with red coat and her dog


Meisje met rode jas en haar hond,
oil on board - 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 ")
painted on location - Thurs 4 Feb 2021


Always fine for me to paint this view of The Hague's beach. I'm up a little high from the ground level, on the South wall of the entrance to Schevenings  harbor. Nice play of light going on here. The Sun coming and going with the movement of the clouds. Still some pretty wild wave activity shown, as we has tempestuous weather prior to this day.

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Opening up of the sky.

de hemel gaat open,
oil on canvas - 30 x 40 cm
painted on location - Jan 21 2021

€ 475

It is not too often that one see's a rainbow at the North Sea, but they occur regularly enough. Determined to make a painting at the beach I headed out. Fortunately the sky was clearing up and by the time i got set up I was afforded this spectacular view.  From somewhere in between Kijkduin and the Zandmotor, this painting was made. If you look closely you will see the enormous ferris wheel at the peer of Schevening 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

We are Sailing 1 & 2


"I am sailing, We are sailing  ......
oil on canvas - !8 x 24 cm
painted on location - Sat 01 Jan 2021


(Continued from the title)  ...... From the darkness, to the light." 

"I am sailing, We are sailing " ...... 
oil on canvas - 18 x 24 cm 
painted on location - Sat 01 Jan 2021


(Continued from the title)  ...... From the darkness, to the light." 

Strange but that song kept playing in my head whilst I was make these two quick oil sketches. For me no better way to start the year than to be doing my thing at my favorite beach. While most people were stripping off their warm clothing and taking the tradition dip in the frigidly cold clashing waves, il pittore was just a few meters away capturing the beauty of the opening sky, with the swift movement of the cloud formations.  Luckily the rain had just passed by, thus my timing was good, sit myself up and knocked off these two medium sized paintings simultaneously.