Sunday, 19 November 2017

Scheveningen Beach, July 2015 - New Reproductions

Kleine Versie - (4/50)
Ink op doek - 15 x 105 cm

Kleine Versie (2/50) - op nieuwe geschildert
Ink, oliverf op doek - 15 x 105 cm
painted on location - Tues 17 Oct. 2017

The original painting of this scene was made and sold in July 2015.  By popular demand I decided to make this work available as a high quality reproduction. Up to now the popular XXL version, (25 x 170 cm, limited to a series of 39 copies) was only available. Since last month, (Oct 2017), I decided to have a smaller version printed, this series is limited to 50 copies. Each copy is numbered and signed. Sometimes I paint directly over the reproduction with oils, thus capturing the situation at hand. In this manner the reproduction is transformed into an original painting. Although the composition is true to the print,  new elements are added, the atmosphere is totally different, colors are of course dependant on what's going on in the sky, as can be seen in the above painting.  Below is a picture of the popular large and extra large version.

                                                In this picture you see the reproduction in the larger versions

XXXL - 40 x 270 cm  (NEW)
€ 595

This is the  triple EXTRA LARGE version, suitable for extensive wall spaces. Because of the size, it comes complete with a museum quality aluminum support frame.  I have only one in stock. It will be available on demand, in the future.


XXL- 25 x 170 cm
€ 325

This is the popular version, which I have decided to limit to a series of  39*. The one you see in the above picture is number 17/39. Some of you have payed more for this version as the first editions were more costly for me, luckily I have found a new supplier that has enabled me to bring the cost down. For those of you who payed more I promise to make it up to you on your next purchase!

*  By limiting the reproductions, numbering and signing them, even though it not an original, this automatically gives the work more value for the money you spend. Thus becoming an investment artefact.