Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beach Cafe 'De Staat', in construction.

Opbouw van strandpaviljoen "De Staat",
oil on canvas - 35 x 75 cm
painted on location - Fri  21 March 2014

Gifted to owners of Cafe

On a very windy beach these men are putting the pieces together of what will become the beach cafe/restaurant De Staat, here on South Beach, The Hague. The advantage this cafe has is that it is located just to the right off the path leading to and from the beach. I myself was able to make this painting thanks to the protection of a large van parked on the drive in path. Found it to be an interesting subject matter, especially the study of perspective. In the distance you see the cafe Zuid, with its flag out, already in operation.  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Quite Beach is Alive #1 - 2014

Het Stille Strand leeft #1- 2014
oil on canvas - 30 x 80 cm
painted on location - Thurs. 6 March 2014

I walk down the path leading to the sea almost daily. So do many other people, especially dog lovers and persons who appreciate Nature more than the Asphalt Jungle! Of course those blades of grass are not going to notice that Rolex watch your wearing or that Gucci bag strapped to your shoulder. But they will deliver you the right balance of oxygen you need to live in this world.  Providing for your eyes visual pleasure beyond measure, and all your other senses will be lifted up as well. All it takes is a comfortable pair of walking shoes and proper clothing.   This area is known as "Het Stille Strand", the quite beach. Many citizens of The Hague are fighting with passion and love to keep it this way. While the money worshippers, sick as they are, would rather see this area turned into another Benidorm.