Thursday, 15 November 2012

Panoramic Autumn Seascape, South Beach, DH

Panoramisch herfst Zeegezicht, Zuiderstrand,DH
oil on canvas, 20 X 140cm
painted on location - Zuiderstrand, Kijkduin - Wed 14 Nov 2012 SOLD

  The advantage I have by living in The Hague is that the Sea is always close by. Thus even though the weather forcast was for cloudy, hazy and cold conditions yesterday, something like what we are experiencing today, and has been with us for sometime now, I was able to hit the beach in the early afternoon and make this rest giving seascape. I was struggling over a decision; "do this seascape or go to a park and compose another Autumn Gold painting!" Well, I guess you know what the answer was to that!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Autumn Gold #1-2012

De schoonheidszin van de Herfst #1-2012
oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm
painted on location - Hemmensebos (Zetten), Sun 11 Nov 2012 SOLD

The dogs name is Amy, together with Wilma and Selena they are taking a brisk stroll in a small forest which is in these days a magnificent array of warm hues, really a feast for the eyes, together with sunlight, what a combination! I couldn't pass this moment by,..... luckily I had my gear with me and thus this work was created. Of course they didn't have to pose the whole 45 minutes that it took to make this painting. They came on at the end of their walk, when the painting was at its final stage.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Sea and nothing but The Sea

de Noord Zee en niks anders
oil on canvas
60 x 70 cm
painted on location - Wed 22 June 2011 and June/Oct 2012 SOLD

This is actually a repainting if a work I made last year at the Noordwijk Painters festival. I basically stayed with the original composition, however I removed a kite surfer, and I changed the coloration of the sea and sky.  Painted on location on two seperate occasions, and re worked slightly in my studio resently. s. 

Here is what the painting looked like originally.....