Thursday, 23 February 2012

Winter Seascape #1- 2012

The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind
oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm - 16" x 20"
painted on location - Wed 22 Feb 2012   -   SOLD

Funny title, but let me tell you, the wind was definitely blowin' while I was working on this painting. And what did the wind answer to me? She said,..."It is good to have you back, il pittore,.... now get on with it,capture this scene, if you can, I won't make it easy for you, but I will give you a scene to paint." And thanks to my now broken 3 meter parasol, it was possible to set up. As you can see the beach sand wanted so desparately to get in on the act, it left its trade mark on the canvas!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #5

Selena skating with view of Neiuwe Kerk toren, Delft
oil on canvas
40 x 95 cm - 16" x 37"
painted on location - fri/sat. 10/11 Feb 2012
finished in studio - mon. 20 Feb 2012

The last of this series, as here in The Lowlands, skating fever is already history! Right now on this pond there are a few patchs of ice skatered about, which the ducks seem to be enjoying. My daughter joined me on Saturday 11th Feb, we arrived on location just before 08.30hrs and to my disbelieve we were the only ones on the ice! After skating a few times round this ice track, I set up my easel and got to work. I asked her to keep skating around the bend thus she has become the focal point of this composition. As you can see by the price, I'm not eager to give this one away.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #4

Panoramic view of Dobbelplas skating baan
oil on wood panel
9" x 39.5" - 22 x 100cm
painted on location - Wed 8 Feb 2012

no longer exists

I do believe this format seems to compliment this scenery. The 4th work made at this location. Characterized by swift one-off brush strokes, made in a total of 90 minutes(and 37 yrs experience) this art work has mortalized a moment in time, such as a cameras lens would do. A Dutch child, learning for the first time, how to keep balance on two thin metal blades on a cold slippery surface. Here below a close up, as taking a quality picture of this format is difficult for an amatuer photographer! And a shot of me working on location!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #3

Family fun on ice, in Holland
oil on canvas
40 x 50cm
painted on location - Sun 5 Feb 2012

A father is encouraginging his son to make a sprint on ice. Other toddlers, young and old, are having the time of their lifes, on this special occasion of winters magic here in The Lowlands. Why winters magic, well think about it.....these folks are moving on a body of water, I'm standing on it, painting... Normally this would not be possible, unless of course you can vibrate as high as, you know who, good old JC! Anyway, the white snow covering most flat areas, also has a magical quality, transforming the landscape to this fairy tale like atmosphere. And what is so damn special about it all,... it is only a simple trick, brought about by the Almighty Creator,...saying, among other things, here you all, bundle up and have some fun! In The Lowlands,..they do just that. The hype is fantastic.....everyone is praying that the freezing temperatures hang in there, thus the reknowned, 11 city Nordic skating race can once again take place!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #2

Family fun on Ice, Dobbelplas, Nootdorp,
oil on canvas board
5" x 7" - 13 x 18cm
painted on location - Sun 5 Feb 2012


The 2nd painting made at this location. Decided to try this so called portrait format, then a small size to accomodate even the novice art collector..... As there is no comparison to owning an original. At this price, IKEA should be ashamed of itself for selling reproductions at much higher prices! Putting much attention to the gestures of the skaters, I've done my best to show their posture whilst gliding on the ice. Here below a close up for your viewing comfort.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #1

Skaters, Dobbelplas, Nootdorp (Nr Delft)
oil on wooden door frame panel
26 x 74cm - 10" x 29"
painted on location - Sat 4 Feb 2012

private collection, Barrie, Ont. Canada

Well most Dutch people are rejoicing with the onslot of below zero temperatures, and didn't take long to get there Nordic skates out and hit the frozen ponds and canals skattered throughout The Lowlands! Fortunately for me I have this wonderful natural setting, Dobbelplas, Nootdorp, just a short car drive distance from my studio. In 2 days I made 3 paintings, this being the 1st. Probabaly will get out there again, but one day of rest, as yesterday I almost developed frost bite on my right foot. And that was with two pairs of thick woolen socks and well insulated winter boots!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Winter canal scene, Amsterdam

Small version, arched bridge at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal
oil on wood panel
10 x 15 cm
painted on location - Tues 31 Jan 2012

Amsterdam has a charm and unquestionable character of its own. Thanks to the city planners who were wise enough to leave the canals pretty well alone, since they were built, back in the 15th century. This area called "De Wallen", was the centre of the red light zone, in Amsterdam a few years ago. Things got out of hand, and in a few words, criminality in drug dealing and hard core sex shows/prostitution kept most respectable tourists away. The city cleaned up the criminal scene, and now tourists can once again, enjoy strolling these cobble stoned streets, taking in vistas such as the one depicted in these paintings.