Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Windy Summer beach scene, Noordwijk

Strand gezicht met hoge wind, Noordwijk Aan Zee
oil on canvas
50 x 100 cm
painted on location (see picture above)  -  Fri 22 june 2012

The 1st of six paintings made on this very sunny yet extremely windy day at the Noordwijk painters festival. This was the start of the 5th day, I had already produced 17 paintings at this point, since the start of the festival on Monday evening 18th June. The next two postings, I´ll show the other works made this day. Rather intense circumstances to work under, with the wind force reaching almose 8.5! My popular yellow parasol, faithfully held together for more than 7hrs, until the sea finally gulfed it up at 18.45hrs. The waves coming up much high than expected, the pressure of the water ripped through the fabric with the slightest of effort.  Under such conditions, one must work efficiently and with the upmost attention at getting the paint on the canvas as quickely as possible. Resulting in fresh vibrant, rendering of the scene at hand.

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