Thursday, 2 July 2015

Finally Summer

Zomers gezicht # 2
oil on canvas - 24 x 18 cm
painted on location - Sat 27 June 2015

 Here I took the trouble to frame in this view, as if you find yourself on the spot I made this painting, your view will be overridden with impressions from every angle. Using my artistic freedom I gave the composition a little tweak, and that was to exaggerate the gradation from the cats to the shoreline of the sea.

Zomers gezicht #1
oil on canvas - 18 x 24 cm
painted on location - Thurs 25 June 2015

A well known spot on the coast of Holland, the entrance to the Scheveningen harbours. Also a favourite location for many people who like to catch fish. Some people just like to come and stroll to the end of these piers (there is a north and a south pier), giving one the impression of being out at sea. In fact with high winds you are taking your life at risk to take that walk. Fortunately for the absent minded, the municipality has installed gates that close when it is dangers.