Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Winter canal scenes, Amsterdam

Oude Waal, Amsterdam
oil on canvas
24 x 30 cm
painted on location - Tues 17 Jan 2012

Yesterday, despite the bitter cold, I went to Amsterdam, and made 4 small format paintings. Here you have the 1st result. Not too far from the Central Station, I spotted this rather typical Amsterdam canal vista, just across the street from Montelbaastoren. The copolla you see on the top right, belongs to the Church of St. Nicholas, a rather stunning view as you step out of Amsterdam Central Station to the left. The low winter sun, lights up the tops of the high stalwart houses along this canal, and partially the bridge and elements in the forground.

View of Montelbaans tower
oil on canvas board
18 x 24 cm  -  7" x 9.5"
painted on location - tues 17 Jan 2012

This painting was made from the bridge shown on the above posting. In fact was painted shortly after I finshed the above work.  I decided to make it into a true winters scene by adding snow and ice on the waters surface!

View of Montelbaans tower study #1,
oil on wood
10 x 15 cm  -  4" x 6"
painted on location - Tues 17 Jan 2012

This oil study was made on the bridge featured on yesterdays posting. I worked on 3 small panels at the same time, thus building up the paintings simutaneously. Robert Henri once said, that a painting is never finished it just stops at an interesting point. I concluded that this little guy had enough information on it. Besides the historical tower, that cast iron draw bridge in the distance, was of interest to me

View of Montelbaans tower study #2, 
oil on wood panel
10 x 15cm  -  4" x 6"
painted on location - Tues 17 Jan 2012

Same view as above work, only style of painting much loser, and well, quite impressionistic, if you ask me. Was a pretty productive day for me, wouldn't you agree?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Venus Victorious/Renoir in The Hague

't beeld Venus Victorius van Renoir te Den Haag
oil on canvas
38 x 28 cm - 15" x 11"
painted on location - July 2003 reworked in studio 11 Jan 2012

€ 375 (SPECIAL OFFER, sketch below included)

Some of you may remember, not so long ago, on the Lange Voorhout, there was a sculpture exhibit dedicated to the Female as model. Of course il pittore couldn't resist but to get on location, more than once! This work has been hanging in my studio for all these years, however for some reason, I never felt it worthy of exhibiting. Yesterday I re-painted some areas on the surface, and I cropped it to this vertical format composition, as suggested by the sketch. Also, just for the fun of it, I decided to paint in that female artist at the easel, (top right window). Below is presented, one of the several sketches I made of the Auguste Renoir bronze statue. Made with an ink brush, thus the painterly representation. Signed bottom left, dated on the back, 22 x 14 cm / 8.5" x 5.5".

detail of artist in her studio

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day and Night view of Carnival in Town

Dag en nacht gezichten op 't Carnival te Den Haag
oil on canvas
10 x 45 cm (both)
painted on location - Thurs 29 and Fri 30 Dec 2011


The day scene was the last painting made in this series. Finally the sky has opened up, and as usual the whole scene brightens up. It is winter, thus the bare trees. This carnival took place in an urban center, hinted at, are the rows of houses on the left. Again, I have taken great care in painting a carrusel that is in operation, thus the swinging stools with mostly children seated on them.

The night scene......The mystery deepens, as the atmosphere darkens, the lights glow, like stars in a clear night. A painters paradise, such scenery! You wouldn't know this but the weather was anything but welcoming that evening! Had to set up under the protection of a overhanging roof, the entrance to the Carnival's cafe. Now and then the rain paused, just long enough to get that carrusel spinning with exstatic childern, having the time of their lifes.

here I am at the very beginning of this series, you get an idea of the size of these panels

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Old Timer Carrusel, Carnival The Hague

Ouderwetse Carrusel, Carnival, Den Haag 2011
oil on wood panel
10 x 15 cm
painted on location - Wed 28 Dec 2011  SOLD

The 1st of 4 paintings made at this colorful Old Time Carnival. which was situated in Huygenspark, downtown The Hague, Holland. A close up below, serves to show that I have taken great care, in bringing you a lively scene, thus the carrusel is actually spinning as you see the childern seated holding on to the chains of the swinging seats!

Monday, 2 January 2012

This way, Ladies and Gentlemen

Deze kant, Dames en Heren
oil on wood panel
10 x 15 cm - (4" x 6")
painted on location - Wed 28 Dec 2011


A gay scene to start the new year off on the right direction! The carnival is in town, school kids both young and old have the oppurtunity to have some old fashion fun, in a city park, located in downtown The Hague! The next 4 postings will be scenes of this event.