Monday, 29 September 2008

Catamaran Clubhouse, (ZVDH) The Hague, #4/08

Closing up for the Season
oil on canvas
40 x 120 cm
painted on location - thurs 25/sat 27 sept 08


It was a pleasure for me to be on location for this painting. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, hardly any wind to speak of, and the temperature was inviting. As I am writing, there are no more boats to be seen, in a few days the clubhouse will also be broken down. So I made it just in time. I like the way the perspective in this composition reads, it cunningly leads your eye, to the hidden vanishing point. The self standing catamaran, generously helps in balancing the scene. Indeed a fine memory of this quaint strech of beach here in The Lowlands.
Here a little detail, showing the inside of the clubhouse.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Path in the dunes, Westduinpark # 14/08

Path to the Sea, by Strandpavilion Pier 23
oil on canvas,
60 x 110 cm (This is a large format)
painted on location - Mon 22 Sept 2008

Here I am at one of my favorite themes, paths leading to the sea. Revisiting a location I have already painted at, only this time with a larger canvas. A funny thing happened, just as I was about to finish, that three mast clipper came floating by, called the Eendracht. Now the last time I was at that location that clipper also sailed into my view, only with full sails then. A very interesting sky to paint, with a refreshing breeze, sweeping gently through the grassy dunes. Just a lovely day to be out there, doing my thing. Again a close up, for your viewing convenience.

Friday, 19 September 2008

XL Breaking Waves, The North Sea, # 8/08

Beach scene with Moon still in view, Kijkduin, Holland
oil on canvas
30 x 160 cm (thus the XL format)
painted on location, Thurs 18 Sept 2008  -  SOLD

Well the soft nice weather is continuing here in the Lowlands, and il pittore is taking full advantage of the situation. I was requested by a potential customer to make this XL panoramic format painting of the Northe Sea. Luckily there was very little wind, although a one point the easel did take flight, but I happened to be right in front of it so was able to prevent it from falling on the sand. As in the other panoramic canvases, it is hard to take a clear sharp picture, thus for your viewing purposes, I have taken two close up shots. I was thrilled to see the almost full moon, still in the early morning sky, thus it was with pleasure that I included it. Don't forget that by klicking on the image, you will get a bigger view of it.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Breaking Waves, The North Sea, #7/08

Soft autumn day on the beach, Kijkduin, Holland
oil on canvas
40 x 120 cm ( a fair size)
painted on location, Wed 17 Sept 2008


Man was I happy to be out there on the beach this morning. Just in time to catch those whispy cloud formations, before that wall of purple/grey clouds came floating in. The light reflecting on the sea was most pleasant to the human eye, flickering flashes of those multiple hues of cool blue. Gentle waves making hardly any effort what so ever to spoil their rythmic flow. A feast for the eye of a plien air painter such as I.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Calm and serene breaking waves, The North Sea, #6/08

Panaramic view with three mast clipper on horizon, Kijkduin, Holland
oil on canvas
20 x 140 cm
painted on location - Tues 9 sept 2008


There are times that the North Sea can bear a close resemblance to places, say, like the Mediterranean Sea. Again I like to keep the composition simple. It all looks so easy, doesn't it. But remember what Michelangelo the great Renaissance Master said, " What one has most to work and struggle for in painting is to do the work with great amount of labour and sweat in such a way that it may afterwards appear, however much it was laboured upon, to have been done almost quickly and almost without any labour, and very easily, although it was not." A handsome looking 3 mast clipper was on the horizon, the play of light on it was very intriguing, thus I decided to highlight it as a detail.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Breaking Waves, The North Sea, #5/08

Mooi weer, (beautiful weather), at Kijkduin, Holland
oil on canvas
20 x 140 cm
painted on location - Wed. 10 Sept 2008


Thank God for we have been having some lovely weather here in the Lowlands. I am now working on a series of this panoramic format view of the North Sea. It is difficult to photograph this without losing a lot of detail, thus I have decided to show a detail, thus affording the online viewer a closer look. A simple composition, most of the action happening on the shoreline, however the clouds are playing a major role as will. Featured in this work is a vintage vessel of some sort, the white boat coming in from the left, which has been highlighted for your viewing.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Breaking Waves, The North Sea, #4/08

The yellow buoy, Southbeach, The Hague
oil on canvas
20 x 140 cm
painted on location, Sat 6 Sept 2008 (early morning)  -  SOLD

Finally the sun! We have been having autumn like weather here now for the past 3 weeks, if not longer. Sun making only rare appearences, now and then. The winds have also been fairly strong, thus conditions for me to make this format painting on location have been somewhat restricted. Not good since I have 6 customers waiting for such a painting. The light breaking through the thickly covered cloudy sky, made for very interesting color reflections on the water. Painting that front part of the water was also quite a challenge, with water clashing in all directions, because of the underlining stone piers and the tide shifting, with strong winds affecting the waves to no end.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Catamaran Clubhouse, (ZVDH) The Hague #3/08

Catamaran Sailing Clubhouse, South Beach, The Hague
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm ( This is a good size painting, not too big and not small)
painted on location, Sept. 2007, (1st attempt), and 4th Sept 2008.


I'm finally glad to have this painting completed. It has been hanging in my studio, for almost a year now, unfinished. Yesterday the situation on the coast was almost the same as last year. As a result of weeks of high winds coming from the sea, sand has piled high near the edge of the dunes, thus the vessels are partially buried in the sand. Two club members, probably just came by to check that all is secure, no doubt hoping that the wind will die down somewhat, thus making it possible to for them to take thier babies out to sea. The surface on this canvas is thick with oil paint, thus was hard for me to get a sharp focus. Details like those two herring fishing boat, are not easy to see, thus this work looks much better in the real.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Entrance to Scheveningen Harbor, with beautiful Dutch sky

Entrance to Scheveningen Harbour, with beautiful Dutch sky
oil on canvas
18 x 24 cm
painted on location, Monday 1 Sept 2008


Not a great day to go sunbathing or for a swim in the North Sea, but for a painter a lovely situation to paint. Only problem is finding a place to set up ones easel. With a wind force that is suitable for the kite surfers and seasoned sailors, it was impossible to keep sand from blowing onto the surface of the art work. Painting clouds is not the easiest thing, but with a lot of practice one gets better at it.