Monday, 22 June 2015

Clouds of the North Sea

Study of clouds over South Beach
oil on canvas - 13 x 18 cm
painted on location - Thurs 28 May 2015

Sunny yet windy conditions characterises this little canvas which gives you a rather big picture of the scenery at hand. Painted next to De Kwartel, a popular beach cafe/restaurant on this lovely stretch of beach.

Kite surfer with high winds on the North Sea
oil on canvas - 20 x 50 cm
painted on location - Fri 19 June 2015

Now these guys and gals are about the only dudes that love this high windy conditions here on the North Sea coastline! Whizzing by at high speeds, these guy was getting air born every couple of minutes! Was fun for me to show him in an actual position of surfing the rough surface of the sea that afternoon.

Summer fun at the beach, South Beach, The Hague

Zomers Dagje op strand
oil on canvas - 30 x 150 cm
Painted on location - Sun 7 June 2015
Although this was made before summer officially stared, it certainly suggests a warm moment on the tranquil beach which we are fortunate to have here in the big city of The Hague. Mornings is the right time to catch this light effect on the water, and that's exactly the time you can find me working on such a painting

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Postcards from Venezia series # 5 & 6

View from Accademia Bridge with Golden Light 
oil on canvas board - 20 x 29 cm
painted on location - 7 May 2015

View from Accademia Bridge with Warm Light
oil on canvas board - 20 x 29 cm
painted on location - 6 May 2015

These are the last two paintings made on my recent trip to Venezia. Twice the size of the original four paintings, posted not so long ago. I choose to render this scene in a way that it might have looked a few centuries ago, at 5 o' clock in the morning.  Thus no vaporetto halts, and no cruise ships! 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Soft clouds vrs. Swift clouds on the Tranquil beach

Zachte ochtend lucht, Zuiderstrand, DH
oil on linen - 50 x 70 cm
painted on location - 21 April 2015

Gauw midag lucht, Zuiderstrand DH
oil on linen - 50 x 70 cm
painted on location - Wed 27 May 2015

It's a matter of taste, which will determine the choice you favour. I imagine the ladies would prefer the misty soft view of Kijkduin, and the men most likely would prefer the sharp and more active view of Scheveningen. In both cases the national flag is hanging out, thus the doors of perception are open, come in and join the feast!  I'm no expert on that subject so let's skip it. On the 2nd painting you can see Theo Jansen working on a rather large 'strandbeest'. If you go to the beach right now (Saturday 6 June) you can see it, as he is still building it up. For me this is one of the most colourful scenes one can find on the coast of The Netherlands. Primary colours next to each other, a pure joy for us visual people.