Saturday, 3 April 2010

Piazza Navona, Roma

Piazza Navona, Rome
oil on canvas
24 x 30 cm
painted on location - Saturday 20 March 2010


It's early in the morning, I'm approaching what is probably the most extravagant and controversial Baroque fountain in the world. With all my gear at hand, ready to paint it,...... what do I find before my eyes? It's under renovation, Oh my God! So what to do next? I take a walk to the north end of the square, and looking back at the fountain behind the barricade, I think to myself, "The hell with it, I'm just gonna paint, the situation at hand". The statues of the fountain are so enormous, the top half are visible anyway. As luck would have it, half way into the painting, the Sun burst through the thick layer of clouds, the whole scene gets transformed into a fascinating display of lights and shadows. Good thing I got there early, by the time I finished the painting, hundreds of passers by were between me and the subject.

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