Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Autumn Splendor finds The Hofvijver, The Hague #1 & #2

Autumn Splendor finds The Hofvijver #1
oil on canvas - 40 120 cm
painted on location -  Sun 16 Oct., Mon 21 Oct. and Tues 22 Oct. 2022

€ 1450

Probably the most picturesque corner of this city, especially now with the added explosion of colors due to the foliage of the trees. I have painted this view once before in 2018, thought it was time for yet another attempt at it. As a matter of fact I decided to make two paintings! The play of light helps in creating a balanced composition. I felt honored to make this painting, especially so with the fact that that Sun lite Palladio looking building on the right, nestled in between the buildings covered with shade happens to be The Mauritshuis, home of the Royal Families Art Collection.

Autumn Splendor finds The Hofvijver #2
oil on canvas - 40 x 80 cm
painted on location - Tues 22 Oct. 2022

€ 925

 Here I have painted over an already existing painting made at this very location, only it was winter 2020. So I decided to freshen up that painting with a colorful autumn scenery, instead of the cold winter scene.  I think now te chances of someone wanting to add this work to their collection have increased greatly.


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