Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Winter Seascape # 2/2009, Misty and raining

Peaceful flight of two seagulls in the rain
oil on canvas
20 x 40 cm
painted on location, (thus in the rain), Tues 3 Feb. 2009


Finally back at the sea! My health is restored, I have enough strength to pull my cart across the wet sands, allowing me to set up my easel just 10 metres from the breaking waves of the modestly agitated North Sea. Here I am, facing, who knows, 45 billion litres of bitterly cold salty water. Beneath the surface one could imagine at least 25 schools, thus thousands of various fishes swirling about, looking for some nourishment, in these hospitable murky waters. And me, almost alone, on this beach, being showered by a multitude of ever so gentle droplets of cold water, that the celestial gases, hovering not so far above me, can't seem to hold onto any longer. Do I mind? Yes I do. But then again, when will I ever get a chance to see those varicoloured subtle hues of that almost magical saturated greenish blue? When else will I get to have almost exclusive reign over this empire of stillness and peacefullness? The rest of the world is cought up worried about a finacial crisis. Me, I worry about, how will I ever get those ephemeral hues of earthly tints of greys on my canvas? Does that make the front page of the local newspaper? No, of course not. But it will make the front pages of your heart, when your eyes just have that need to make contact with something real and true. So really, what matters more, what some finacial expert has to say, or what your very essence craves for? You may not know, but, il pittore does, and in certain aspects, il pittore is out there for you. But then again, if I think about it, really, I'm out there for myself, otherwise my life would be too unbearable.

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René PleinAir said...

Good one, and soo great aren't you scared your gonna sail away one day?