Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A sweet home in Rijswijk, no. 3

wed 11 april 2007

A sweet home in Rijswijk, no. 3,
oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm ( 12 x 16 in.)
painted on location (as all my paintings are)


Hello Art lovers,

Here is todays painting, and am I ever happy to have had the privilege to have made this...

This is my third painting of this subject, within the last week. If I do it again it will be early in the morning, thus capturing a different light situation.
I spiced this scene up with the young lady having a few words with her pet dog who seems to be saying, "just let me rest here for a moment.."
It's early spring, the trees are just starting to sprout, the flowering tree is in full bloom, just a postcard situation, wouldn't you agree?

Why am I painting this house anyway? Could it have something to do with the fact that just 5 months ago, my father had to vacate the house I grew up in as he is unable to manage in his old age alone. He now lives in a retirement home. Still having the feeling that something is missing, I
guess one gets used to such things. A home represents, stability, safety, a place to remove your shoes and chill out, family, love all that beautiful stuff.

Tomorrow it is back to the sea, beginning to miss it, thank God I literally have it on my door step. The light in this work has worked exceptionally well, enjoy.

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Bye for now,
Alberto, il pittore

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Erik Ykema said...

Wow Alberto, this is indeed a great work! Love the composition and the rest in the image.