Monday, 9 April 2007

Path leading to Sea, Early morning light

Path leading to Sea, Early morning light. Westduinpark
oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm (12 x16 inches)


Hello Everyone,

Most people are taking it easy on Easter Monday morning, me... well I took a day off yesterday, that was more than enough. Besides this is not work for me. This is just being who I am, and when I'm not doing that, then I run into trouble, resulting in struggle and a general feeling of

I've been walking down this path going to make my seaside paintings on many occasions in the past two years. Always I've had the thought this seen is worthy of painting, will today that thought finally materialized. I'm happy with the results. I'll most likely make more paintings of this scene, and then in a panoramic view. The play with color works very will in this painting. Naturally a bit of imagination fills in a lot of the spaces, but then again when it comes to paintings
I once read, artists tell lies to get to the truth. And the truth about this view of the dunes is that it has a beauty not easily recognizable.
That is were the artist in me comes in.

Bye for now, we meet again tomorrow...

Alberto, il pittore

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