Friday, 29 November 2019

Whispering waves fom the Quiet Beach

Zachte golven van de Stillestrand,
oil on board - 23 x 100 cm
painted on location - Tues 26 Nov 2019

€ 575

Back to my favourite painting location. On a day like this, not many people, but enough to have some decent interaction with. The beach cafes are all gone, now it's 100% nature on this stretch of sand and salty water. The colors of the water here are always fasinating, sometimes almost unbelievable, But all the locals know this, that's why they keep coming back. 

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Streets of San Vincenzo Vecchio, and more

Vicoli di San Vincenzo Vecchio #1, Abruzzo, IT.

oil on canvasboard - 20 x 29 cm
painted on location - 12 Nov 2019
€ 245

Vicoli di San Vencinzo Vecchio #2, Abruzzo, IT.
(with two sparrows)

oil on canvasboard - 20 x 29 cm
painted on location - 14 Nov. 2019
€ 215 

Olive garden with houses, San Vincenzo Vecchio, Abuuzzo
oil on canvasboard - 24 x 30 cm
painted on location - 13 Nov. 2019
€ 245


Vicoli di San Vincenzo Vecchio #3, Abruzzo, It
(Casa Valentina)

oil on canvasboard - 24 x 30 cm
painted on location - 16 Nov. 2019
€ 245

Recently I went to visit with relatives in this quaint mountain village, in the Valle Roveto, Abruzzo, just a short 1hr drive from Rome. I make this trip annually to go help out with the olive picking season. Usually I take some equipment in order to keep busy with my art work. It was constantly raining in the period while visiting, as is evident in the paintings. However in between the rain showers I did get some chances to work in the field, as shown by the olive garden.  

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Schevening Beach / Boulevard Canvas Print , in 3 sizes

Schevening strand en boulevard (canvas print)

inkt op doek - 15 x 105 cm (kleine), 30 x 200 cm (medium -XL),  40 x 270 cm (grote - XXXL)
painted on location - July 2015 in 17 sessions.

€ 115 small version - edition of 50 prints
€ 375 medium version - edition of 49 prints
€ 545 large version - edition of 39 prints

This canvas print of a painting i made in the summer of 2015 is back by popular demand. This time I decided to make it available in a smaller  and an extra large size. To keep them somewhat exclusive they are available in a limited edition, signed and numbered on the back of each print.
As this format is difficult to see, especially the details, here below 3 close ups, for your viewing pleasure.