Thursday, 12 April 2007

Surfer, Kijkduin

20 x 60 cm (8 x 23.5 in)
oil on canvas
painted on location, late afternoon


Sorry about the crop of the photo. If I went too far into the painting the horizon line wouldn't be horizontal. And we can't have that can we? Not on a seascape. Otherwise it would make you dizzy. Look closely and you will see a surfer, with his board, waiting for the coming wave. He and his buddies, actually stopped and had a look at my painting before hitting the waves. Besides the billions of liters of water represented in this painting, only the surfer, a piece of a dike, breaking the waves on the left, and an incoming sail boat about to rest in Scheveningen harbour are contributing to the components that hold this piece together. Something else is also playing an important role. Look closely and you will see something way off in the distance, located on the horizon line to the extreme left, right at the edge. It is an oil platform. That my fellow art lovers, is what is called the vanishing point. That grounds this composition giving your eye a place to go , in this immense space. All that captured on a surface of a canvas relatively small, and who says paintings are boring?

Time to send this out, it is already 9.30pm (21.30hrs)
until tomorrow,

Alberto, il pittore

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