Thursday, 19 April 2007

Antique and Boeken Maarkt, Early morning, The Hague

46 x 55 cm ( 18 x 21.5 ins.)
oil on canvas   -  NO LONGER EXISTS

A good size canvas, not at all small, with the proper framing, will add a elegant taste of Holland in your surroundings. I especially had fun with the roofs of the buildings in this painting. Take a close look at that Royal Dutch Crest, (with the two lions holding up a Shield). This building has something to do with the Ministry of Defense, I believe. I also like the movement in the few people that I have painted, check out the couple, she with red pants he with white pants, walking towards the viewer, she has a nice flow in her gesture. Someone stationed the bicycle right in front of me, just long enough for me to paint it in. As everyone knows, Holland is one of the only countries that has more bikes than cars.

Your comments are always welcome.

Alberto, il pittore
The Hague, The Netherlands.

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