Friday, 13 April 2007

Kati in two two minute poses

ink/pastel on brown/grey sketch block paper,
25 x 15 cm ( 10 x 6 in.)

price - 25 euro each/ 45 for both +s/h

Today is my day in the studio, working directly from the nude female model. Usually in a life/drawing session with a model we begin with very short poses then gradually build up to longer poses. I put a lot of emphasis on the movement of the gesture, economizing as much as possible with the ink brush, thus allowing for your eyes to fill in the left out lines. In Dutch they call this, "de kunst van weg laten", the art of leaving out.

You might say ... "two minutes ... he has balls to charge so much for such a small effort ..."My answer to that: Two minutes and 26 years of painting experience, that is how long it took to make!

Thanks for your time,

Alberto, il pittore

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