Friday, 27 April 2007

Progressive Nude Series # 8

Oil on canvas,
150 x 120 cm - ( 59 x 47 in.)
(a large painting)

price - 400 euro ( $ 550 US)

As most of you know, Friday is my day in the studio, painting directly from the nude model. Today we worked from a top model, a young contemporary dancer from Germany, Ljdea. She managed to come up with and sustain some great poses, a true source of inspiration. Since it appears we are in the middle of summer, temperatures here in Holland are soaring, by the day, (sorry Al Gore, re Global Warming, I personally find this a life envigorating experience, and am not at all worried), I decided to use these happy, cool and warm color combinations. Your comments are appreciated.

Bye for now,

Alberto, il pittore
The Hague, The Netherlands.

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