Tuesday, 3 April 2007

High winds off the North Sea

oil on canvas, 20 x 50 cm (8 x 20 inches)


Hello Everyone,

Welcome, to the newcomers! My list is growing slowly but surely. Just last week there were only 37 on it, as of today 117. Thanks to the persons who are passing on the mail to friends and family.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterdays painting looked like it could have been made in Italy, today there is no mistaking were it was made. Waves breaking furiously, color of water brown as the earth it bathes, this my friends, is the North Sea, on cold, bitter windy day. One of the advantages these conditions have is the clarity of vision, the smoke and industrial area in the background is a good 40 kilometres away.

I like this composition, with the vanishing point a little of center to the left, a great sense of depth is result.
When you want to create some space in a corner of your office or working area in your home, this baby will do just that.

The tiny spots you see on the surface was a gift from nature, thus the owner of this work not only gets an image of the scene, but gets a few hundred particles of beach sand.

Alberto, il pittore.

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