Thursday, 31 May 2007

End of May at Kijkduin Beach, Holland

oil on canvas,
30 x 90 cm (12 x 35.5 in.)
painted on location, wed 30 and thurs 31 May 2007  -  SOLD

It has been a while, and I'm glad to be back, doing what I love to do. Had to take care of business, these last few days; framed approx. 35 art works, in preparation for two exhibitions. One officially opened yesterday at Kijkduin on the boulevard, La Galleria Italian restaurant. The other one will open soon, but the works are already hanging at that location as will. So I have been busy.
Today's work represents a stretch of the beach which I've painted for the first time. The restaurant I'm showing at is directly above this view. All the landmarks, poles, dunes and shore line send the eye cunningly to the vanishing point, then the eye has chance to view the vague distant skyline, which is symbolic of the wealth of this small yet industrious country. Floating on the water is a fishing vessel from Scheveningen. The people represented on the bottom of the canvas form a line which leads the eye into the sea and off into the unseen continuation of the water, helping to create even greater depth than which is already quite visible.

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René PleinAir said...

Fantastisch one word fabulous

Liza Hirst said...

Hi Alberto,
Thanks for your comment about my work. Your's is great, too!
I especially like the beachviews very much, the Catamaran Club House and this one. Do you paint at the beach or from photos? In any case, they're very good.

Unknown said...

Hi alberto,
I'm still a fan! I think my favorites are the seascapes, I love your skies, the water and the sand, and I know how difficult it is to paint them.
Please go on painting them ( I'd love to have one!)
liefs Mieke Winnubst