Thursday, 10 May 2007

Windforce 5, Wijk aan Zee, North Holland

oil on canvas,
30 x 60 cm ( 12 x 24 in.)
painted on location, Thursday 10 May 2007


Today's painting was made thanks to the protection of a caravan stationed right in the middle of the beach. What it was doing there? Don't ask me. It would have been impossible to make this painting on location, otherwise. You will notice some sand on the canvas. This, due to the wind blowing about furiously. Most of it will come off, once the paint dries. This, if nothing else, is prove that I actually do make my works on location!

Wijk Aan Zee, is not too far from Holland's International Airport, Schipol. That explains the plane, making its descent, on the top left corner. The pilot is taking full advantage of the wind, off course.

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Il pittore.

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