Wednesday, 16 May 2007

The coastline at Domburg, Holland

oil on canvas,
10 x 15 cm ( 4 x 6 in.)


Yesterday I drove down to Domburg, as there happens to be a painter's festival going on. Went to meet some friends and the organizer of that event. While there I knocked off two paintings, this was the second one. Found on this beach are these characteristic rows of poles used, I imagine, to break the waves, otherwise the whole coastline would eventually get washed away. I may be wrong, you are welcome to correct me. However, I feel I got the painting right, and that is what matters to me. By the way those little white spots, happen to be algae, floating around.

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Il pittore


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Alberto, thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
We arrived home Sunday after two days on the road from Florida.
Spring is in full force in New England and the lilacs are out.
I'll be checking back in here later when I have a bit more time.
Your work is wonderful!

René said...

Wow lovely exactly Holland coast as ever. Your correct about the poles. I must say I even like the small sized paintings from you even more than the larger ones, these are eeuhm how can I put it, more painterish, brushy like, leave more to the imagination.

Good job!!

Delilah said...

I love this one. Great job.