Saturday, 19 May 2007

Catamaran Club House, Kijkduin, Holland. # 3

oil on canvas,
50 x 60 cm - ( 20 x 24 in. )


Here it is, # 3. I know some of you are waiting to see this series develop. I mentioned that I will make 12 oils of this subject, will I'm being true to my word. I must have been crazy to be on the open beach with an easel and let's face it, not a small canvas either. I weighed my gear down as best I could, I pulled through the ordeal, ok. Hopefully, you get an idea of how hard the wind was blowin', just by looking at the sand formations on the beach. Flat by the water, then piled high towards the dunes. You will notice that the featured catamaran is being engulfed by sand. It is actually on a wheeled mechanism, used to transport it into the water. Not the best conditions for catamaran sailing, or outdoor painting, however the kite surfers where getting quite a work out ! I'm going to have to make a small adjustment on the horizon line, it seems to have a slight hump in the middle. Otherwise am satisfied with results.


Lori said...

This looks a lot like a view in Florida near me, except there is the lifeguard stand in front of the catamarans. Nice painting!

René said...

MMMMMmmmmmm, ik wil ook weer naar zee!!!

MMMMMmmmmmm, I wish I could go to sea!!

Great work Alberto!