Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Catamaran Club House, Kijkduin, Holland # 5

oil on canvas,
60 x 50 cm - ( 24 x 20 in. )
painted on location, Wed 23 May 2007, late morning


Like I said, I'm going to paint 12 versions of this club house. I'm still not half way there, and my familiarity with the subject is beginning to make my job a little easier. The club house was closed, but it still is a nice scene to paint. The sky was crystal clear today, the visibility of industrial terrain on the horizon line was quite sharp, actually toned it down a bit, but I was generous with the smoke arising from some sort of boiler, heaven knows what is going on there? Had a nice female sun bather as a model, she and the two men checking her out, helped me in filling this somewhat empty beach scene. Which was intentional, as to give the illusion of a large area. Need to create space in your compact living room, this baby will do just that. Just think, within a few months, we will be experiencing those Benelux greys, looking at this will certainly brighten up your day!

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Sophie said...

Hi Alberto,

The club house is improving with each sitting