Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Sisters (Zusjes)

oil on canvas
50 x 80 cm ( 20 x 31.5 in.)
painted on location, Wijk aan Zee, Sunday 13 May 2007


Today's painting is a rather large seascape, showing the North Sea calmed down, after days of high winds and storm conditions. I was busy for a week on this location, and this is the last painting made. Holland, as some of you know, is famous for its light. Working at the sea, I can testify to that. The reflections on the water, from the sky are forever shifting. Just in the hour while I was working, I must have noticed at least 8 or 9 totally different color configurations. A plein-air painter has to work fast, otherwise he is in deep trouble. Working from memory, even whilst on location is essential. Everything is in movement, the clouds in the sky, waves breaking on the shore, people walking in and out of the area being painted. The sand is about the only aspect of the work that is fixed. So if you think for a moment, that this is easy, forget about it. I spent one hour on location, and made some touch ups in my studio yesterday.

Bye for now,


Albert Dolmans said...

Hi Alberto,
VERY good water, Alberto.
This past week- end reviewing some of the paintings of last years' Noordwijk Festival including several of yours and what a difference with that one of yesterday!
You have been making tremendous progress. Keep it up! Sheila noticed it also .
Congratulations. Regards to Ingrid and Selena, please.

Eelke said...

Hi Alberto,

If been following your paintings for several weeks, and I must say I think this is the best piece I've seen so far. I like the emptyness of space and a freedom, that the two children retrieve from that.