Saturday, 2 June 2007

Catamaran Clubhouse # 6, Kijkduin Beach, Holland

oil on canvas,
40 x 70 cm (16 x 27.5 in.)


Here you have today's wet painting, I said I was going to make 12 works of this subject, am one step closer to that number. A very beautiful day in Holland today, it was great to be on the beach making this work. I started this canvas quite early, 8.30 am, so I wanted to retain that early morning feel of the work, by the time I finished it was almost 12 pm, there was a lot more activity, but I kept it to a minimum. I however did record one interesting detail, if you look closely, just in front of the clubhouse, is a tilted catamaran, you should be able to make out the mast going into the sand. I guess they were about to give it some sort of maintenance job. I also painted in two dogs, one is quite obvious, the other, let me know if you find it, I promise to give you an il pittoreARTMILE.


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