Sunday, 20 May 2007

In love at Kijkduin, Holland ( Catamaran Beach House # 4)

oil on canvas,
40 x 70 cm - ( 16 x 27.5 in.)


The wind is starting to get ingrained in my DNA, thus am getting better at painting it. This work is alive with movement, everything seems to be coming at you, yet at the same time it is also sucking you in to the scene, delivering you express to the vanishing point. Movement is also happening across the given space. This brought about by the indication of the wind's direction, and the eye following the beach houses, catamarans, and finally the sail boat in the distance. I'm very happy with the colors in this work, not entirely true to life, but then art does not have to be, because we artists re-invent nature, not copy it.

Bye for now.
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1 comment:

René said...

Wow, Mooie (beautiful) kleuren colors!!