Monday, 2 August 2010

Sailing the North Sea

Bij de wind zeilen, Noord Zee
oil on canvas
30 x 60 cm
painted on location - Saturday 24 July 2010


Here I am, back in the Lowlands, visiting what now has become my painters paradise, here on planet Earth. And why shouldn't it be? Racing clouds, shipshafting before my very eyes, forming unimaginable shapes. Hues on the sea, dancing around like some drunken old time hip hop babe. Sailboats parading up and down the coast, as if walking the catwalk in the extravagent Paris Hilton. Yes folks, if your not a seasoned outdoor painter, don't even think about setting up on this neck of the woods. The visuals will tear you inside out. Me, I just love it. The faster things change before my eyes, the easier it is to paint. Actually what drives me up the wall is static objects. Take buildings for example, e-e-each! What nothing changes, .... Christ were do I begin? Thank God for the shifting light conditions, that is, if the Sun is shinning. Well, I might have gone overboard on this description! Oh well, just take in a deep breath, have a look, and inhale those salty fragrances from these fridged waters, and feel that granduer and sublimity?

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