Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mother and child greeting the North Sea

Moeder en kind begroeten het Noord Zee
oil on canvas
30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Wed 11 August 2010 -  SOLD

Forces of Mother Nature can at times feel overwhelming, leaving the observer with a non-hospitable welcome. In this case the wind rustles softly through the hair of a mother and her child. It is a warm vigorous wind, filling ones lungs with goodness and life. In the secure grip of her Mothers hand, the child finds confidence and strenght in facing what could be a perlious situation to such a tender aged bundle of joy. Summer is coming to a close, the Earth is distancing herself from the Sun. The warm rays of that life supporting Astral star still shine, but the touch of them on ones bare skin is lessening. This scene needed something to calm it down. The Creative Intelligence abounding everywhere, (and I mean everywhere), quickly responded and gifted il pittore with a most delicate and colorfull reply. Interesting to note, according to Goethe and other esteemed Germans, such as Franz Marc, yellow is emotionally symbloic of serenity!

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