Friday, 12 March 2010

Canal Scene, Scheffersplein, Dordrecht

Winters dag te Dordrecht
oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm
painted on location, Thurs 11 March 2010

I found myself in Dordrecht yesterday, visiting with 3 fellow female artists, one of which was her birthday,(Mieke van Zundert). Revisiting a location I previously painted, I took it upon myself to paint over a work I already made last summer(see small picture bellow), during the art manifestation, 'Place D'Ary'. This time it was freezing cold, with a mild yet brisky wind. I did my upmost to bring this situation across on the canvas. Even though this work is very loose, I am rather content with the result, as afterall this is a painting, not a drawing or illustration. Featured on the lit up square is a statue of Ary Scheffer, a famous 17century painter born here in Dordrecht.


Erin said...

Oh I really love this one! I love the more subdued yet bold colors. I can really feel the atmosphere of the day. Truly, if I had the means I would buy this painting right now! Alas, I'll just have to enjoy it on the computer screen:) Great job!

Alberto, il pittore said...

Thanx Erin,

I see you are nuts about Holland. You should come and paint in the famous Dutch light someday.

Claudia Wolfrath said...

Hi Alberto, I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you for your great blog.(see my blog for details) I like your Path to the North Sea!!!
Great painting.