Monday, 1 March 2010

Path to the North Sea, Westduinpark #4/2010

Pad naar de NoordZee #4/2010, Westduinpark, Den Haag
oil on canvas
30 x 90 cm
painted on location - Mon 1st March 2010


You know they say a painting is never really finished, it just stops at the right place. That is at times a difficult decision to make. One must learn not to be a prefectionist, one must learn to detach himself from the work in progress, one must be satisfied with dealing in uncertainties. There are many things I take into account before I decide it is time to put my signature on the painting, believe you me. In this case I had to increase the intensity of the light colored dry grass on the extreme right side, in order to achieve a comfortable balance with the dark shadows being casted from the wind swept bushes to the left of the path. And I'm grateful to that feathered creature, who took about a 15 second break on that pole, just enough time to load up the thinest brush I was holding with enough pigment to anchor her in.

Two details for your viewing pleasure.

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