Friday, 26 March 2010

Fontana del Moro e Campo de' Fiori, Roma

Moor fontein, Piazza Navona
oil on wood
10 x 15 cm (small/klein)
painted on location - Sat 20 March 2010

Campo de'Fiori (blomen)
oil on wood
10 x 15 cm (small/klein)

This fountain is located on the southern end of Piazza Navona, a lively place, a place where both locals and tourists like to hang out. Artists gather in the sqaure to paint and there are many entertainers and vendors selling souvenirs. The central figure depicted, is a muscular Triton, riding a dolphin, it was sculpted by Bernini in 1654. I had just finished an oil painting of the overview of the whole plaza. Sit up at the same spot, only looking in the other direction. That painting was bought off the easel by an elegantly dressed elderly couple visiting from Madrid,Spain.
The flower market scene actually has a fountain behind the stalls, but I was much more inspired by this view. We were not having the greatest of weather conditions, thus the overcast sky.
Working on location, with the light changing by the minute, these two pieces maintain there character of an oil sketch. The main advantage of this kind of painting is that it is not overworked, things and objects are suggested rather than shown in elaborate detail.

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