Thursday, 26 November 2009

Trouwestraatje, Leiden

Wedding Lane, Leiden
oil on canvas
60 x 120 cm ( a fair size)
painted on location in 8 sittings, 27 Oct. - 25 Nov.

private collection, Leiden

A funny name for a painting, but indeed on that ornate lamp pole next to the vibrantly colored tree, is a little sign with that street name on it. Couples get married in the monumental building which happens to be the City Hall, they then come out that door which you can see at the top of the steps on the far left, and usually walk down the small lane to take pictures at the canal. The young lady who gave me this commission, not only got married at this location, her soon to be husband, proposed to her on that very terrace which is featured under those crimson and violet parasols. To make the scene pleasurable to the viewer I decided to work in this panoramic format, capturing that delightful play of light on the buildings to the right. The bridge with the canal also adds a sweet accent, I believe. Just for the record, we have been having mostly not so pleasant weather here, this cordial lighting situation captured only happened for a total of about 3 hrs, at various times, while on location. That represents less than 15% of the actual time I was painting. Oh yes, by the time I finished the piece there might have been approx. 35 leaves left on that majestic looking wonder of nature, stalwartly positioned admist a bustling city center here in The Lowlands. For your convenience, a detail.

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