Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Our Cafe with The Pillars, Bergen NH

Ons Cafe/Restaurant met de Pilaaren, Bergen NH
oil on canvas
40 x 60 cm
paintd on location - Sun 18th and Sun 25th Oct 2009

It was during the Kunst10Daagse in Bergen that I painted this and the previous posting. With the event of an Art market taking place around the old center of this quaint village, I couldn't help but be a part of what was going on. With the Sun sometimes breaking through the thick layer of clouds, I decided to capture such a moment, as contrasted to the study, which depicts the same scene with a more defused light, and different people, of course. You might wonder, why the traffic pole? If you look closely, you should see that it helps in defining space. One should be able to imagine empty space between the pole and the building. Remember I'm working on a flat surface, it's all an illusion! I made a painting of this scene 2 yrs ago, if you interested you could view it, just klick the link, village scenes, on the right coloum, on my weblog.

For your viewing pleasure, a close detail. Check out the face of a young lady between the back of the heads of the female couple.

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