Saturday, 15 March 2008

Winter Seascape # 11, South Beach, The Hague

View of South Beach, The Hague
oil on canvas,
20 x 50 cm
painted on location, Sat. 15 March, early afternoon


There was a very special light at the sea this afternoon. The mild weather must of had a big influence on this. Gentle rolling waves, a very hazey cloudy sky, sunlight struggling to make its appearance, the sea stealing and reflecting all the light it can, made for optimal conditions for any plein - air painter to set up and give it a go. The range of hues and values of color in the water were absolutely breath taking. I positioned myself right at the start of the beach next to Scheveningens harbour entry. The silhouetted buildings at the end mark the beginning of Kijkduin Beach.


Jane Walker said...

Yeah, you were right, this is the kind I like - all very gentle. Lovely horizon line with those grey buildings and the foreground water pools in the sand look good. Figures nice too..... jx

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

A beautiful painting Alberto.
I've been away too long.

Alberto, il pittore said...

Thank you ladies and fellow artists...


Olá Alberto,
To appreciate the art of a great paiter besides being good for the soul is also a good exercise for a beginner like me.
Great work, great blog.
Congratulations and thanks for your nice comment.
Luciano Figueiredo

Raluca C said...

...great colours and atmosphere!!

Alberto, il pittore said...

Thank you Raluca,
are you also an artist?