Sunday, 4 November 2007

Market Scene, Bergen NH, The Netherlands

oil on canvas,
75 x 90 cm - ( 30 x 35 in.)
painted on location, Sat. 3 Nov 2007 / Sun. 28 Oct 2007 / 19 Oct 2006.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here I present to you a typical Dutch autumn village market scene. Bergen is located in north Holland, near Alkmaar. A popular tourist attraction surrounded by beautiful natural wooded dunes, with the sea only 7 klm away. Almost the whole of Bergens center contains monumental type buildings, quaint and characteristic to Holland, these scenes are worthy of being painted by plein - air artists such as myself. As a matter of fact, about a hundred years prior, many well known Dutch artists made this village their place of residence, they where consequently named the "Bergse school".
When this painting was started, it did not have in place the flower stall, luckily on my last attempt to finish it, I had this situation in front of me. Just what I needed to make the scene lively and interesting.


Karen Gotlieb said...

Alberto, your paintings are getting more and more amazing! Karen

Ruppert said...

Very nice colors here, I like it.