Sunday, 18 November 2007

View of the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, Holland

faber/castell soft pastel
on specially prepaired pastelboard,
30 x 40 cm
sketched on location, Sun 18 nov 2007


I guess I am lucky to have Delft, just around the corner from my studio. Here you have a quaint cold late autumn scene. I am somewhat familiar with picturesque locations in this pretty small city, (which was once home to the famous Jan Vemeer). However the mother and daughter depicted on the bridge probably have come across this scene for the first time, thus I was afforded a moment to fit them in and give this already perfect view that all important, human element.


René PleinAir. said...

Hi Alberto,

I am so sorry that I missed your telephone call, just noticed it.
But then again you probably wouldn't made this wonderful picture, it just a stunning piece!

Take care,

Hanny said...

truly....a piece of intense beauty...well done Alberto!

Jane Walker said...

I like the pink in the sky and the way it is reflected in the water. And the featheriness of the winter trees and the flowing lines of the drawing in general. Yes it is a good medium. I am not sure about the support. It hooks the pastel pigments well but looks like sandpaper.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alberto,
Seeing you applying your vision and craftsmanship fills me with joy, and I feel also proud of you in a funny sort of way.
Keep up the good work, I realize it's not always easy to be productive and keep sharing these beautiful works with us.
Regards, Erik Ykema