Monday, 26 November 2007

View of the Nieuwe Rijn and Vismarkt, Leiden

oil on canvas,
70 x 90 cm
painted on location; tues. 30 Oct & thurs 22 Nov 2007


The size of this painting is what forced me to go back on location to further work on it. The trees are practicully bare of their foliage, however the sun at times was caught by these naked branches and this lovely pinkish red color filled those otherwise boring areas. Alot of information for a plein - air painter to digest, from this balcony situated on the third floor of an old C & A department store, but believe me I reduced it down as much as possible. Central Leiden still maintains much of its original character, notwithstanding an almost totally devastating fire at the beginning of last century. Rembrandt van Rijn was born, if I'm not mistaken, just around the bend to the left about 700 meters up the river Rhine (Rijn)


Karen Gotleib said...

Alberto, i'm not being sarcastic. This painting is just fucking lovely!!! I love when you do landscaping painting. Just beautiful, vibrant and alive. Karen

Erik Ykema said...

Hi Alberto,
What a lovely painting again! You will certainly gain some recognition for your very personal style and coherence in your work!

Hanny Vugt said...

beautiful..... the painting and the 'paintingwords'

Anonymous said...

Ciao, Rudy qua'.
Bello sto qua'
(fa anche la rima).

Ti saluto...quando vado a casa in Italia, passo 2 o 3 giorni da te.