Tuesday, 3 September 2013

"Mommy my duckie is gone" (AtBS # 16-2013)

"Mama mijn eendje is verdwenen"
oil on canvas - 18 x 24 cm
painted - July 2013

Usually when I am on location working I always have some extra canvas's with me. In this case I was working on one of the recent XXL paintings,  had to stop as the tide rushed in, thus  decided to make this intimate little painting of a child playing at the waters edge. The beach was packed with people, unbelievably busy, however in my mind I had this vision to make something simple, yet with emotional impact. Not overly painted, suggestion of the wind as seen in the waves, but also more importantly in the child's hair.  Btw...the duck was recovered by a nearby adult bathing in the refreshing water!

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