Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn at the beach

Herfst op het strand
oil on mdf - 15 x 40 x 2 cm
painted - Sun 22 Sept 2013

Maybe I'm to cheap (goedkop) with my pricing, I don't know! Colleagues of mine are selling such size paintings for more than 999 euro. Should I be more expensive?  Could ask anything I want, I suppose.  But then my patronage would be limited to only the rich, that's no fun is it? I believe that we should all live with real art. That children especially should be exposed to real art.  That they may see something from the hands of a person, same as themselves. Something like looking through a window at reality, at the truth. And I mean Reality, with a capital R and Truth with a capital T!  No bullshit, no negative subliminal messages, to affect the goodness of your Soul.  Just the honest truth, as God inteneted it to be. And were is the Truth, were is Reality? Open your eyes and heart,  listen with your ears and soul. You'll find it, as it abounds everywhere. For me it is on this stretch of beach, and I filter it for you to experience. That in a nutshell is what I'm doing, and thank God I'm making a living from it.

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