Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Charolais Cattle, Bessais le Fromental, France

Charolais Vee graast, Bessais le Fromental, Cher, Frankrijk
oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm
painted on location - Sun 31 July 2011

Finding myself amidst these lovely gentle creatures, whilst they went about their business of grazing the green grasses of these unspoiled rolling hills here in the pristine countryside of Cher, France, (about 3 hrs drive s. of Paris). I felt moved to apply the colors of my palet on canvases, I had taken with me, from my studio in The Hague. I was taking part in an Art week held at a Buddhist retreat centre called, AmidaFrance. To capture those shadows I was on location at about 0745hrs. It felt good to show up for breakfast with already a canvas completed! Here below a detail of this breed of cattle. As I don't work from pictures, you can see that the paint is applied rather swiflty.


Charolais Cattle said...

Wow...yet it's simple but elegant. Why did you choose to paint a Charolais cattle?

Alberto, il pittore said...

Hi(sorry don't have a name),
Found myself spending time in this part of France...., And was inspired by the contrast of the landscape with respect to the nuetral warm tones of the sweet Charolais cattle.