Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Limousin cattle grazing, Cher, France

Limousin Vee graast, Cher, Frankrijk
oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm
painted on location - thurs 4 August 2011

The boy in the blue shirt, most likely the farmers son, is slightly bent over, having a few words of consulation with his pet Labrador puppy. The cattle still taking advantage of the wet due engulfed around every single blade of grass, on this will maintained field of emerald green. Here, on this small piece of rural earth, Life is unfolding the way it should be. Located in the department of Cher, France, almost in the middle of this country of gentle rolling hills. Il pittore, on target, doing his thing, captures a moment of sublime tranquility, a moment of innocent beauty. The lighting conditions are exceptionally perfect, at this hour of the day. The cattle are by now used to me, as this field is directly across the dirt road, were I painted the lovely Charolais cattle, in the previous 2 mornings.

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