Sunday, 10 April 2011

The new look, South Beach/DH #2

Gezicht op Kijkduin, met 't Zandmotor, Zuiderstrand, DH
oil on canvas
40 x 100 cm
painted on location - Thurs 7 April 2011

Back on my own stomping grounds! Here a view similar to the previous scene painted on the beach, however one important detail I have highlighted on this canvas (see close up below the text), is the new Zandmotor, being built up to further add sand to this beach. Only this time, Nature will assist Man, in that the waves will transport the sand that has amassed on that man made peninsula (schiereiland). The ships visilble in the distance, i believe from Van Oord, in fact are busy unloading tons and tons of sand, which they first suck up from the bottom of the sea, some 7 or 8 kilometeres off shore. Then this sand is dislodged by very sophisticated mechanical means, thus the 'zandmotor' is built up. Eventually that same sand will end up on our beach, this time transported by natural wave action. Just how long that will take....well, only God knows!

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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Love the painting (as always), and very cool how they work on those beaches. Pretty amazing stuff!