Thursday, 20 January 2011

Invitation to fun and adventure, Beach entrance # 10, The Hague

Strandaanslag # 10, Zuiderstrand, Den Haag
oil on canvas
60 x 70 cm - (24 x 28 inches)
painted on location - Wed. 19 Jan 2011  -  SOLD

Yes folks, in landscape painting, "the sky governs everything". That's what the English master landscape painter Constable, said many years ago. As you can clearly see in this work, that couldn't be more true. After almost 2 weeks of constant overcast sky, and much rain, despite the cold, it was great to be out working on this scene. I finished it just on time, as it started to rain the minute I was loading my car with the painting gear. It was unbeleivable just how much the scenery changed, whilst I was setting up and working. As soon as I got on location, there happened to be a fantastic rainbow, coming from the zeinth of the sky, extending all the way to the middle of the horizon line! Of course my intention was to get that on canvas, but it had already dissappeared by the time I got my colors and brushes out!


Anonymous said...

beautiful painting Alberto
it is your "thing"
a real "ALBERTO"

Alberto, il pittore said...

Thank you,
whoever you may be?