Friday, 1 November 2013

Delightful Dutch Sky, No.1 & 2

Twee zeilers in rode en de gele boei, DDS #1
oil on canvas - 18 x 24 cm
painted on location - Wed  30 Oct 2013

Thank God we were granted some blue sky this week, with strong yet manageable windy conditions. Also I am grateful for having this window of time in order to get these two paintings done. Positioning myself as close to the shoreline as possible, and with the use of my trustworthy 3m parasol which I lay on its side and use as a wind breaker, I got on my knees and prayed that I might make something of the spectacular display of clouds and waves before me. Well as you can witness on your monitor, I believe my prayers were answered!

clck to see whole paintiing!

Zeilen op de winderige noordzee, DDS #2
oil on linen - 20 x 140 cm
painted on location - Wed 30 Oct 2013

I already had this composition on the surface of this linen cloth, only the clouds and relentless wave action was missing. Waiting patiently for just over 3 weeks I finally got the chance to complete the painting to my liking. To appreciate this work you want to double click on it, then you will see it larger.

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